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Dec 20, 2019 · 7 min read

(Part of the ZENZO Beacon Series: Interviewing Gamers, Developers, & Blockchain Enthusiasts — in part with

1. Why do you feel there should be such a focus on asset ownership for players?

“The concepts of asset ownership and interoperability mean that in-game items can be decoupled from their respective games and traded freely with others to earn money. We like the idea of that a lot and chose the play-to-earn business model for that reason. Many early adopters see blockchain games and their NFTs as more than just games. They participate and invest in order to make a profit, by either trading and/or using the game mechanics to increase the value of their assets.

Another exciting aspect of that the above mentioned interoperability. We have a collaboration with Neon District at the moment, where a certain Sword from their game gets you a special skin for some of our cars in Battle Racers. Having these assets in your wallet enables you to benefit in each of the games. Which is great for both the community and the collaboration companies in terms of promotion.”

2. How would you describe Battle Racers to someone that is not familiar with Blockchain Gaming?

“Battle Racers is an arcade racing game where you can purchase and collect parts to build cars that you can use to race against other players. It’s just like any other racing game, where there are cars with varying stats that affect your performance, different race tracks, and leaderboards to track the best race records. You can also add weapons to your cars and use their combat skills to beat other players to the finish line. Car parts could be obtained from crates, the same way you can get cards from booster packs in trading card games like Magic the Gathering.”

3. In what ways is Battle Racers different from a traditional racing game?

“Unlike other games where you use in-game currency to get these parts, you can purchase them using cryptocurrency (which has a real life money equivalent) and have actual ownership of these assets, even if the game is no longer available. And later, as you race these cars and earn XP, their value would also increase.”

4. What were some of your biggest influences behind creating Battle Racers? (For example: Mario Kart, Twisted Metal, Hydro Thunder, etc. )

“We do have people in the team who play a lot Mario Kart, and some of us also grew up playing with Tamiya toy racing cars.”

In-game Gameplay Graphic

5. Why did Battle Racers choose to build on Ethereum, compared to other blockchains?

“We believe Ethereum + sidechain is the natural step for blockchain games to adopt. Ethereum itself has the most dapp and developer adoption, but we need a sidechain environment like Matic Network to provide gas-free transactions, fast transactions times and make the blockchain disappear in the eyes of the end user.”

6. What are some of your personal and favorite features in Battle Racers?

“I like the way we’ve designed the game to be easy to learn, but would still require some skills to master. You spend time picking out the parts with the best stats, or even just something that looks cool. You can strategize the timing and placement of your weapons. But even if you have the best parts and have figured out the best weapon combination, the game still entails a bit of luck. At the same time, even if you’re already running last, you still have the chance to turn the game around and bring yourself back to first place. Like IRL A fast car still needs a good driver.”

7. Battle Racers has been known to work with other games and support interoperability. Can you share some of the games and projects that Battle Racers has worked with and how exactly it works?

“A few months back we worked with Axie Infinity on some Axie-themed cars that our players can only get if they already own an Axie. Then there’s also a Battle Racers themed flagship in Light Trail Rush. Now for the Season 1 sale, we are collaborating with CryptoKitties on an event similar to Axie’s. Right now we have an ongoing sale for CryptoKitties crates which contains parts for the limited edition RoboKitty car! Players of CryptoKitties can also breed Kitties with specific Purrstige traits to obtain a Kitty Trick, which enables breeders to claim crates from our game. And most recently, we’ve announced our collaboration with Neon District in their lootbox sale on OpenSea that when you purchase a Radiant Blade for their game, you can later activate a neon undercarriage lighting in Battle Racers.”

8. Are there any future plans for Battle Racers to work with other games, either blockchain-based or not?

“It’s only the beginning for us, so while there are no specific plans yet we would like to continue working with other games to bring mass blockchain adoption to the mainstream gaming audience.”

9. How has Season 1 gone so far and can you share some things that we can expect for Season 2?

“Season 1 has been great so far! The release of our special cars such as the Guerrilla Cyber or the Binance SafuBolt sparked a lot of interest across different communities. Moreover, for the last week of the sale we have our first official racing tournament with big prizes kicking-off. We can’t wait for our players to finally compete and win big!

While we don’t have specific plans yet for Season 2, each season is designed to have its own theme. We can’t disclose what we have in our garage yet, but it’s going to be awesome. We’re also working continuously on the game aspects of Battle Racers. It’s still in Early Access and we are rolling out new features for it as they get ready. We want players to be able to upgrade their cars by using unwanted car parts and prioritize development to get that live as soon as we can.”

10. Can you tell us a little bit about the ongoing sale and for players that are interested in contributing? What types of crates, car parts, etc. can they receive from this sale compared to the first?

“Our Season 1 sale is full steam ahead and going on till December 20. Similar to our pre-sale, we have four types of crates: Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Wood. Season 1 features 52 new sets of cars (6 brands with 2 new models and 4 new colors each, plus some special hidden sets!), which can be mixed and matched to your heart’s content. At the moment we even have a very limited CryptoKitties Crate on sale. This time around, we only have one, even rarer Legendary car, the Python Oni. Gold crates have the highest Legendary drop rate, so grab your limited edition Season 1 crates now before the sale ends:

Final Words by Wolven

As someone who is currently a ‘test driver’ for the game and even took part in their first closed multiplayer beta back in May 2019, I’ve found the Battle Racers team and the community it has garnered to be nothing but polite, approachable and just overall welcoming. The game mechanics, however simple, are the perfect grounds for friendly competition. Couple that with the ability to mix and match car parts, you really feel like you are making your own, individual racing machine. Go defensive and safe or go outright opponent destroying, the choice really is yours. With past partnerships and more exclusive items on the way, if racing games are your sort of thing or even if you are just an avid collector of crypto assets, Battle Racers will be right up your alley. One to keep your eye on for sure.

Battle Racers Giveaway

Battle Racers and ZENZO are happy to announce the latest giveaway of 7 Season 1 Crates (total of 9 car parts). There will be 7 lucky and individual winners and this giveaway event will run until January 8th. Be sure to visit and enter the official giveaway at the Gleam link below…

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You can follow their official pages and stay up to date with this project and all of their updates…

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