ZENZO Arcade Development Update — PIVX Integration

The PIVX and ZENZO Alliance has been off to a phenomenal start! Yesterday (May 5th, 2019), ZENZO successfully added and released PIVX as the third payment option on the ZENZO Arcade, alongside ZNZ and BTC. This means that anyone can now purchase any game (officially listed from the ZENZO Arcade account) and pay with ZNZ, BTC, and now PIVX.

ZENZO Arcade Product Page
PIVX Discord — #zenzo_alliance Channel

Fuzzbawls (PIVX Core Developer) was the first person to test this new feature on the arcade and immediately came forward with some suggestions, which were implemented within about an hour after the initial release. His suggestions were to add:

QR Codes: QR Codes simplify the purchase, especially from mobile devices. Instead of having to copy and paste the public address, users can now simply scan the QR code.
Full Payment Request Support: QR Codes scanned on Coinomi and PIVX Mobile will automatically fill the “Address” and “Amount” fields. Desktop isn’t left out; You can click the QR Code to open it in the PIVX Core Wallet.
PIVX Core Wallet Display

These simple suggestions dramatically improve the user experience and make it so much easier to make purchases with PIVX. It also is a nice way to verify you are sending your PIVX to the correct address because it automatically fills in a message. Special thanks to Fuzzbawls and Cacalillos for being the first testers and sharing suggestions to improve the overall experience.

ZENZO Arcade

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Want to read more about the PIVX and ZENZO Alliance? Click here

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