ZENZO Monthly Report: August 2019

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Sep 2 · 5 min read

As August comes to an end, ZENZO is busy planning for several new releases before the end of 2019, with even bigger events ahead for 2020. As a brief overview, ZENZO (ZNZ) was listed on 1 new exchange, additional trading pairs (ETH, USDT, LTC) created, ZNZ was added to CoinMarketCap, a new and transparent distribution model in the final stages, and numerous development improvements on ZENZO Core, Arcade, and Forge.

The ZENZO Coin (ZNZ) has improved its accessibility and adoption by being on more exchanges and available with more trading pairs. Thanks to the CoinMarketCap listing, ZENZO is now accessible to a much larger audience and information on the project, coin, and markets is published on a reliable platform. With a new and transparent distribution model being finalized, this allows for the accelerated growth and development by means of utilizing resources in a more strategic manner for a long-term sustainability. As user experience is what will truly dictate the adoption of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, ZENZO Ecosystem is constantly working to put as much emphasis on the development of the front-end as the back-end.

Read more below to understand more clearly about the technical updates and improvements…

ZENZO Core Development

ZENZO Core v1.3.0 is well underway and expected to be released before the end of November. As always, the official ZENZO GitHub is available for anyone at anytime to view recent commits and progress. A large majority of the version 1.3.0 updates and improvements include: Back-porting a minimum of Bitcoin Core v0.13 into ZENZO Core, DVM upgrades, HD wallets, new Masternode GUI, new data-recovery troubleshooter, improved and simplified UI/UX, code consolidation and cleanup, and more that is viewable on the GitHub. To improve accessibility to the ZENZO Blockchain, 2 more block explorers have also been released (Blockbook by SatoshiLabs and Iquidus). Furthermore, ZENZO released a paper wallet (by TechnoL0g), which can be downloaded and accessed on android.

What does this mean?

  • Improved Startup + Sync
  • Improved Performance
  • Higher Security
  • More Functions + Utility (Simple User Experience & Navigation)

ZENZO Arcade Development

Just this month, ZENZO began giving the community more access to what goes on behind the scenes. Thanks to DevAle, the live streaming of the front-end development for the ZENZO Arcade has pushed the envelope for open-source projects in the space. The ZENZO Arcade is currently getting a complete makeover from top to bottom. A majority of these improvements are focused on the front-end to improve the user’s experience and allow for more choices, options, and preferences. Along with improving the UI/UX, a new and more powerful server is being setup to enhance speed and security.

Teaser of the New ZENZO Arcade Front-End (In Development)

ZENZO Forge Development

Just this month, the ZENZO Forge technology was launched and utilized on the ZENZO Main-net, within a fully-functional Unity3D plugin for a first person shooter game. In this FPS Demo, you can view the image below that shows the in-game items that each unique and transferable blockchain assets. With these ZENZO Blockchain-based Transferable Assets, owners of these assets can buy, sell, and trade them. Each individual asset is backed with a specific ZNZ value that is purely up to the crafter. For example, the M82A1 Sniper Rifle could be backed with 15,000 ZNZ, making it currently worth roughly $568.05 USD. The owners of these assets can continue playing with them, trade them, or smelt (destroy) to liquidate them for their ZNZ-backed value.

ZENZO Forge In-Game Demo & Web Terminal

New Listings, Trading Pairs, & More

For most of the community, the most anticipated new listing this month was when CoinMarketCap added ZENZO (ZNZ). Along with CMC, ZENZO (ZNZ) was also added to the MasterNodes.Pro Hosting Platform, where you can now host your masternodes quick and easy, while still having complete ownership of your assets at all times. To increase accessibility of ZNZ, it was also added to the exchange AltMarkets and additional trading pairs were created on CryptoBridge that include USDT, ETH, LTC, and RVN.

The First ZNZ / Transaction Details & Giveaway Graphic

First ZNZ / Axie Transaction

It is getting more and more exciting seeing players utilizing the ZENZO Coin (ZNZ) for other game assets, even on different blockchains. This month, the first ever ZNZ / Axie transaction took place between two Axie Infinity players, Reillz and YuurinBee. In order to celebrate this first transaction, ZENZO did a giveaway event where one lucky winner received this powerful defensive axie.

Alliance: PIVX Phase 2

After Phase 1 of the PIVX / ZENZO Alliance went down without a hitch, ZENZO has been developing a new campaign (Phase 2) to help the world of gaming and streaming adopt cryptocurrency. This includes both a focus on PIVX and ZNZ, in which streamers can now accept both on Twitch.tv as a donation, thanks to CryptocurrencyCheckout. The full outline of ZENZO_Phase2 proposal is available to the public on the PIVX Forums. Currently, the Phase 2 proposal is passing with 447 Yes votes and 0 No votes. Special thanks to all of the support from PIVX Masternode holders and voters.

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