ZENZO Monthly Report: December 2018

Three months after the official launch of the ZENZO (ZNZ) Blockchain and the year 2018 has finally come to an end. In December 2018, there were many updates, changes in infrastructure, and new additions to the team. ZENZO hit some milestones, in terms of peak ZNZ Masternodes online (150+) and 11+ ZNZ Masternodes live on the GIN Platform. Development updates include the added features to the ZENZO Chan Bot: GIN Masternode Integration (Simple Command MN Setup), Discord/Twitter link, Twitter Tips (#ztip), utility commands (masternode count, block count, etc.), price checker, and mini-game improvements.

In this report, is the first mention of the plans for a ZENZO Marketplace, ZENZO Game, and adding a gaming element to the ZENZO Ecosystem. There will be more information publicly released with these plans in the near future, but development on the backend has already started. Check out the list below for all of the big events that happened in December 2018 for ZENZO.

December 2018 Events

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ZENZO Chan Discord Bot (GIN Masternode Integration) Release
ZENZO Chan Twitter Bot (#ztip) Release
ZUI Lightpaper v1.0 Revised(Under Peer Review) — Public Release Soon!
ZENZO Masternode Script (VPS) & Guide GitHub Update
150+ ZNZ Masternodes Online (2,250,000+ ZNZ locked)
11 + ZNZ Masternodes Listed on GIN Platform
ZENZO Sub-Reddit Created
Coin Swap 72%+ Completed
3 Team Members Added
Axie Infinity & ZENZO Partnership (Airdrop Program)
Started backend development on ZENZO Marketplace & ZENZO Game

Check out the ZENZO Chan Bot Guide & Command List

The first ZNZ Tip on Twitter (ZENZO Chan)
ZENZO (ZNZ) Masternode Stats on MasterNodes.Pro
Launch of the Official ZENZO Sub-Reddit
Axie Infinity & ZENZO Partnership — Axie Airdrop for ZNZ Masternode Holders (Sign up Here)

What to Expect in the Near Future

The ZENZO Team and community has been growing non-stop, since the release of the Blockchain. Now, the team is finalizing the ZENZO Lightpaper v1.0 to give everyone a more clear and concise view on what exactly ZENZO is and plans to do. The gaming element of the ZENZO Ecosystem is currently being built out and there will be news in the near future regarding the release of the ZENZO Marketplace and more news about the ZENZO Game and how it ties into everything.

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