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Jan 31 · 6 min read

The new year has just begun and the ZENZO Team is already deep into development for Q1 2020! The primary focuses for Q1 include: ZENZO Core v2.0 (Hardfork), ZENZO Arcade Alpha (v2.0), ZENZO Forge Alpha (v1.0), ZENZO Forge Tech Demo (KOTA), and more. The plan for 2020 is for all of these elements in the ZENZO Ecosystem to be available to the public, inclusive to both gamers and game developers. All of these elements are designed to be able to work together to provide a simple user experience and give people the ability to do what they only previously dreamed of. ZENZO Ecosystem is consciously crafting the next frontier for gaming and looking to work with other visionaries who are striving to give power back to the gamers.

ZENZO Core Development

After the release of ZENZO Core v1.3.0, ZENZO Core Developers have been focused on development of the new wallet and updated codebase. Much of this new codebase will be from the monumental efforts and latest PIVX Core v.4.0.2 Release, which includes a plethora of bug fixes, an unmatched QT Wallet GUI design, cold staking, and much more. Thanks to the healthy alliance between PIVX and ZENZO, there is great inspiration to innovate and take this technology even further — most importantly, making it easier for your average person to understand and operate. In the upcoming weeks, there will be development screenshots and updates via the ZENZO GitHub, Social Media, and Discord.

ZENZO Arcade Development

The ZENZO Arcade Alpha v2.0 edges closer to the public release. For this next release, it is being designed to make the process of purchasing games and digital assets in a safe, secure, and simple manner. With an improved user dashboard, game mechanics, and an incentivized referral system, the new ZENZO Arcade will establish itself as a trusted and reliable marketplace for digital game assets. This also includes a launching platform for any and all games (that abide by the terms and conditions), with a focus on indie developer games. ZENZO will execute this by providing a fair and trustless system for listing games and operating with some of the lowest listing fees available.

With plans for the ZENZO Arcade Beta Release, this will include making the ZENZO Arcade bi-directional, which allows for players, traders, and users to buy, sell, and trade their ZENZO Blockchain Assets (ZENZO Forge Items). The first phase of this release is to grant owners of ZENZO Forge Items the ability to sell their assets on a trusted, public marketplace.

ZENZO Forge Development

The ZENZO Forge is ZENZO’s first decentralized app (DApp) that currently is live and available to the public, though the first official release of the ZENZO Forge Alpha v1.0 is still in development. The purpose of this DApp is to be able to scale effortlessly with the intense and fast-paced gameplay that modern games require. Most blockchains struggle with this issue due to waiting for blockchain confirmations. Another major issue for the gamer is poor user experience, due to high transaction fees. If every single action in the game needs to be confirmed on the blockchain, the player will have to pay for every action and wait until it’s confirmed on the blockchain (time intervals are different for every blockchain). The ZENZO Forge eliminates transaction fees for peer-to-peer trades and transfers, along with allowing for almost instant item creation and destruction. In other words, the ZENZO Forge offers a real-time solution for blockchain gaming —benefits for both the gamer and game developer.

As of January 27th, the first release of the new ZENZO Forge (v0.1) was published on GitHub for the public to view and test. *Note that this is not considered the first official release, which will occur at v1.0 and that is the reason why it is on JSKitty’s GitHub (ZENZO Lead Developer). Just 2 days after, on January 29th, version 0.2 was released with a large list of added features and improvements were published:

• Pending items can now be smelted.

• The config file has 3 new customizable options; Debug, MaxInvalidScore and ForgePort.

Offline Mode: This is automatically enabled when the Forge cannot connect to peers, allowing it to be ran offline in a read-only state.

Safe Mode: This is automatically enabled when the Forge cannot connect to ZENZO Core, showing a notice in the GUI for the user to open ZENZO Core and restart the Forge, essentially an alternative Offline Mode.

Trustless Smelting: Added network-level trustless smelting, any smelted items will now asynchronously smelt across the Forge network, instead of only locally. (This is noticeable on Forge explorers).

• Reduced validation intensity by default to provide more stability, the user may also adjust this via the “maxinvalidscore” threshold in the config file, higher max invalid score means items are given “more chances” to successfully validate before being abandoned.

Screenshots of the ZENZO Forge & ZENZO Core Wallet (Credit: Josep, CoinDreams). *Note: Not the official GUI

What is the ZENZO Forge Tech Demo?

King of the Apocalypse, also referred to as KOTA, is the first ZENZO Forge Tech Demo that will showcase the benefits, features, and possibilities of the new era for blockchain gaming. KOTA is a post-apocalyptic FPS survival game that will first start out with a campaign mode and already in discussions for a multiplayer mode. The ZENZO Team has decided that much of KOTA will be community-driven project, where people with all different backgrounds and skills can have some influence on the direction of KOTA. The first public release will be a limited testing phase, known as “Early Access”, and only 50 players will be able to join for this release. Don’t worry, if you don’t make the cut, you will be able to join for the Alpha Release.

KOTA Loading Screen (Early Access)

Want to stay up to date with KOTA’s development and releases?
Join the ZENZO Discord and go to the #🔥-Forge Channel.

The Checkpoint: Level 3 Recap

With Special Guest Aleksander Larsen (Psycheout) of Axie Infinity

The Checkpoint Level 3 happened on January 15th, 2020 and was streamed across multiple platforms (Twitch, DLive, Mixer, Youtube, Periscope). For this event, ZENZO invited Aleksander Larsen (Psycheout) of Axie Infinity to join and discuss about the latest in blockchain gaming and the Axie Infinity Community Alpha Release! Tendo showcased the latest Community Alpha in the background, while Aleksander spoke about the growth of Axie Infinity since its early days, the direction Axie Infinity is going, and what some of the most important aspects of the Axie Infinity ecosystem are. The footage from this live stream is available on YouTube, at the link below.

The Checkpoint Level 3 with Aleksander Leonard Larsen

The Checkpoint: Level 4 is currently being planned and the official date has been decided. Be sure to mark your calendars for February 29th! Stay tuned for news and updates regarding who the special guest will be and what all you can expect. As always, the ZENZO Team is open to feedback from the community: what you want to see, talk about, review, and discuss. If you have any comments of what you would like to see at the next Checkpoint event, go to the ZENZO Discord and comment in the #💫-the-checkpoint channel.

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