ZENZO Monthly Report: May 2019

Much of the month of May was spent creating a new infrastructure on the back-end for the ZENZO Ecosystem. As this project scales, we have been making sure that our development, products, and team grow at the same rate. Some of this includes new financial leadership, a new coin economics model, and a new model of distribution for ZENZO’s resources (pre-mine), that remains transparent. The ZENZO Team is also working on an updated RoadMap and ZNZ Use Case Chart, that will help many new members understand the project better and even help some veteran members understand more clearly.

The ZENZO Ecosystem is constantly thriving and evolving, along with our mission and goals. It is our duty to make that process as transparent as possible for our community, so that you can embark on it with us! Check out below some of the highlights for the month of May…

PIVX is now accepted on the ZENZO Arcade!

ZENZO Arcade

The ZENZO Arcade got a few new improvements this month, one of which was the latest acceptable payment option of PIVX. We released a medium article covering the PIVX integration, which you can read in full detail here.

FuzzBawls (PIVX Core Developer) was the first person to test the PIVX Integration — Flawless!

One of the best parts about the PIVX integration is that you can now make direct purchases from your PIVX mobile wallet, simply by scanning the QR code on the ZENZO Arcade and complete a payment almost instantly. Thanks to our Ambassadors and fellow PIVians for testing the PIVX Integration.

ZENZO GrandMaster Scroll Release

ZENZO Ecosystem Whitepaper v1.0

The moment many of you have been waiting for… the ZENZO Whitepaper or as we like to call it, the “GrandMaster Scroll”. ZENZO decided to go with the concept of scrolls, since we have always loved playing games and unlocking new items, new quests, and more. We wanted to make the process of learning about ZENZO more fun and engaging, instead of the typical 40 page whitepaper that 90% of people don’t read from top to bottom. Furthermore, we plan on releasing a series of these scrolls, highlighting each individual element within the ecosystem to provide more clarity. Who knows, they may even become assets on the ZENZO Blockchain…

Unlock and Open

ZENZO GrandMaster Scroll:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Currently being translated in more languages (Japanese, Italian, Polish, & more)


We are pleased to announce one of our latest and biggest developments within the ZENZO Ecosystem, the ZENZO Forge. The Forge is currently in its Alpha stage and brand new, but already gaining traction and peaking interest among some game developers.

What is the ZENZO Forge?

The ZENZO Forge is a service for providing multi-platform, secure, and valuable items and content within, but not limited to games. Using the Forge, you can create in-game items that are worth real monetary value, as all Forge items are backed by a specified amount of ZNZ, locked away until the item is either Smelted or Crafted.

What all can I do with the Forge?


Users can craft items, which means you can create a transferable assets on the ZENZO Blockchain, that is backed by a ZNZ value. Similar to NFTs, ZENZO uses “Transferrable Assets” that are ever-evolving. Currently, you can craft items that have a unique name, image, creator ID, item ID, and ZNZ value.


If at some point, for whatever reason, you want to smelt your item or destroy your item to receive its ZNZ value, you can smelt the item within the ZENZO Forge. The item is then permanently destroyed and the ZNZ is instantly transferred to your registered ZNZ Address/Wallet.


You can now trade your transferrable assets on the ZENZO Blockchain. This means you can buy and sell your items and assets that you have created, collected, or bought.

To see more, please visit the websites below to see how you can begin using the ZENZO Forge…

Team Development

As of recent, ZENZO has just added its newest Ambassador and Advisor, Bryan “Snappy” Doreian. Bryan is most well associated with his work and contributions to project PIVX. Thanks to him and our core developer, JSKitty, the initial idea of the PIVX & ZENZO Alliance has been brought to reality, along with the help and support from the PIVX team and community.

Bryan has joined ZENZO to help with business development, awareness, and adoption. He is an individual that we are happy to have join us that holds similar standards in life and in all of his practices. Snappy is also involved in a handful of other projects with roles such as Chief Development Magus of the SDG Impact Fund, Founder of Wysebridge, Co-founder of Vendible, Elev3n, and advisor for a number of blockchain-based projects.

Battle Rules for Axie League Season 2

Axie League Season 2

We are happy to announce that ZENZO is sponsoring the first ever Axie Infinity eSports League for the second season. It brings us great joy to support the development and growth of eSports, but especially in the field of blockchain-based games. Thanks to our partners RCTech and his team, we look forward to this being the best and biggest season the world has ever seen. There are now officially 48 professional players ready to fight their way to the top!

Stay tuned in to our social media channels and our Discord for updates on the Axie League Season 2 and be sure to follow RCTech on Dlive, where all of the streaming will be happening.

Highlights from our Allies


• PIVX Wallet v3.3 is in the final stages of testing. Read more here

Axie Infinity

• Land/Item Marketplace Launch on Loom Network! Read more here


• CoinDreams app now celebrates over 10,000 downloads! Read more here

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