ZENZO Monthly Report: September 2019

ZENZO Ecosystem
Oct 1 · 6 min read

As September comes to an end, the official release of ZENZO Core v1.3.0 draws closer and closer. Along with technical development of ZENZO Core, much ground was covered in the other elements of the ZENZO Ecosystem that includes: the complete revamping of the ZENZO Arcade (Alpha), the ZENZO Forge FPS Game (single player) release, and new alliances with other games and game developers.

As an overall summary for the month of September, ZENZO Team has been preparing the technical and marketing plans, which will allow for the mainstream education and adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrency. The first pivotal focus is through providing gamers and game developers with simple and secure ways to create their own in-game items, in which they have complete ownership of (similar to the ZENZO Coin, ZNZ).

ZENZO Core Development

ZENZO Core v1.3.0 will not be a mandatory download for users with a previous version, but instead it provides a plethora of improved features to give more peace of mind and less stress while operating the QT Wallet. ZENZO Core Developers have created unique features that now have automated multiple processes inside the wallet GUI, versus having to manually delete and transfer files. One latest example of this is the annoying and tedious process to recover and synchronizing your wallet once data has been corrupted, often from automatic updates, power outages, and improper application shutdowns. Though this could appear to be rather minute, any operator of a qt wallet knows how buggy they are and how often they have issues. Measures are being taken specifically to make the ZENZO Core Wallet easier for current users, but also specifically to new users (many of which have never used a cryptocurrency wallet before).

Future additions: Along with the feature above, new “checkpoints” or data backups will happen approximately every 15 minutes that will make the process of resyncing much faster and easier. Another prominent issue with qt wallet users is with the wallet.dat file, which stores your private keys and gives you access to all of your funds. If your wallet.dat file is corrupted, lost, or deleted, there is a high probability your funds are lost forever.

In order to prevent this from happening, ZENZO has created pneumonic seed phrases, which are 24 unique words displayed in a specific chronological order that makes account recovery much more simple, without sacrificing security. If you lose these seed phrases, you lose access to your funds, just like if you lose your wallet or purse. Other noticeable changes are primarily with the graphic user interface (GUI). The new GUI has been designed to be easier on the eyes and modern modern and sleek.

ZENZO Arcade Development

Much of the revamping for the next major release of the ZENZO Arcade includes improved user experience not just as a buyer, but also as a seller. The main page of the ZENZO Arcade is being catered to organize, filter, and display games and listed assets more methodically, without letting any assets slip through the cracks. This will assist Arcade users to find new and popular games, along with the game genres and platforms they are seeking. Alongside the improved filter and display, the new landing page will load faster. Improved pagination has been added to load less assets at one given time, versus the previous version with endless scrolling.

A new dashboard is also being created that will provide more utility and better tracking for both bought and sold assets. Much of the seller’s features in the user dashboard will be available once the ZENZO Forge Items (blockchain-based transferable assets) are fully integrated into the ZENZO Arcade. This will provide users with tracking tools that will show daily, weekly, and monthly reports of their purchases and sales, similar to any large scale, digital marketplace. Upon the official release of this new ZENZO Arcade version, users will immediately recognize the night and day difference of changes both aesthetically and from a navigational perspective. The current objective is to continue to improve the user’s experience, without compromising security, and to a vast library of games and game assets to have all of your favorites in one reliable place.

*For game developers that are interested in seeing if your current or future in-game items are eligible to be listed on the ZENZO Arcade, please contact the development team via Discord, here.

ZENZO Forge Development

The most anticipated development release for September is certainly the ZENZO Forge FPS Tech Demo. This is a single player, first person shooter game that tests a player’s skill of survival as they are attacked by increasing mobs of zombies. Recent development of this game now allows for players to link their ZNZ wallet, craft in-game assets (weapons) backed by a ZNZ value, and smelt (destroy) these assets to receive their ZNZ-backed value. For example, the SCAR (assault rifle) costs 30 ZNZ to create and can now be crafted and smelted within the game itself. Each unique item crafted has a unique hash ID (traceable on the ZENZO Block Explorer), giving players complete ownership of their assets. Currently, players can sell, trade, or smelt the in-game items they’ve crafted.

Current Available List of Weapons & Standard ZNZ Crafting Cost

• Grenade (5 ZNZ)
• Glock
(10 ZNZ)
(25 ZNZ)
• M82A1
(50 ZNZ)

At the moment, only one skin and display of these weapons are available, but more versions will be available in the future for player’s to customize and collect. ZENZO views this game as a platform and experiment for testing both the ZENZO Blockchain and Coin. It is intended to showcase the power and potential of player-owned, in-game assets and the future of gaming for gamers and game developers. The utilization of the ZENZO Blockchain as a decentralized, distributed, and reliable network and database allows for the immutability and interoperability of player-owned assets, with a focus on in-game items.

Want to test it out? Stay tuned for the official release…

New Alliance: Spirit Clash

ZENZO Ecosystem and Spirit Clash (©Koltiro Games), have come together to launch the beginning of a long-term alliance. Both projects are devoted advocates of blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, gaming, and finding ways to empower people through the merging of these mediums. Inspired by the ideas of cross-platform integration and interoperability, both ZENZO and Spirit Clash are turning this alliance into an open experiment that anyone can participate in. By aligning visions, we are able to create a more sustainable and reliable space for communities to learn, grow, and have fun together. Ultimately, this will create more collaborative and creative opportunities that benefit both the game developers and gamers.

Above you can see the first ever ZENZO Chan, Magus of Order Spirit Clash Cards created to celebrate the beginning of a new alliance. To kick off the alliance, ZENZO hosted a giveaway of 3 limited edition ZENZO Chan, Magus of Order cards (100 copies in total — card on the right). If you missed out on this giveaway, don’t panic. There will be many more opportunities to participate and have a chance at earning one of these rare, limited edition cards. Be sure to join the ZENZO live streams on Twitch.tv, look out for more social media giveaways, and come join the ZENZO Discord!

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