ZENZO Team: Developers, Ambassadors & Advisors (March 2019)

ZENZO Ecosystem
Mar 29 · 3 min read

In the past month, ZENZO has been busy sharing our vision with the world and during this process, we have met a lot of amazing people who embody the “ZENZO Spirit”. What is the ZENZO Spirit? It is the enthusiastic, inspiring, and compassionate energy that drives ZENZO.

Jeffrey Timms — “Jeffrey” Business Development, Tech Lead, & Ambassador (South Africa)

Jeffrey Timms — “Jeffrey”

  • Business Development
  • Tech Lead
  • Ambassador (South Africa)

Jeffrey’s experience in cryptocurrency dates back to 2012. Being an early adopter grew his passion for cryptocurrency and blockchain technology tremendously. This resulted in many years of assisting projects, as well as advocating for growth of cryptocurrency in South Africa and around the world. He has a strong background with privacy coins, merchant adoption, cryptocurrency tech support, advising, as well as general operations for blockchain projects. Inline with ZENZO, he is an avid gamer. His favorite titles are Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, and Red Dead Redemption. His vision and biggest goal in the cryptoverse is to see a cashless world, using various cryptocurrencies for their developed use cases. Jeffrey is most recognized with his official involvement with one of the leading privacy coins, PIVX, as Support Lead System Admin and Ambassador.

Josep Gonzalez — “Josep” Mobile App + UX/UI Developer

Josep Gonzalez — “Josep”

  • Mobile App Developer (Android & iOS)
  • UX/UI Front-End Developer

Josep is a mobile software engineer who has professionally focused on iOS platforms, but also on Android platforms in his free time. Previously he worked as a backend and frontend developer, but then decided to switch to the mobile space. Josep enjoys creating and working on architecture projects written in Swift for iOS projects and Kotlin for Android projects. He is very passionate about UI/UX design and tries to learn a little bit of each different element of design. Last but not least, he is the founder of CoinDreams. CoinDreams is a partner of ZENZO and a beautiful project to help other developers (who make projects based on blockchain technology) to make their dreams come true.

Juan Contreras — “Cacalillos” Ambassador (Colombia)

Juan Contreras — “Cacalillos” Ambassador (Colombia)

Juan Contreras has been helping people use information technology, in order to meet their business objectives or overcome problems, for well over a two decades. His strengths are providing strategic guidance and improving infrastructure and efficiency of IT systems. Juan is a blockchain advocate who has been in the space since 2014 and works with projects such as PIVX and SEND.

“ONeZetty” Ambassador (Mexico)

Zetty Deschain — “ONeZetty” Ambassador (Mexico)

Zetty Deschain is a spirited community voice and a thought leader within the crypto and tech space. Zetty has many years of experience helping people, but he is most well-known for helping educate people on cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology. As a big fan of Linux and the GNU Movement, Zetty is an advocate for open source and free technology. He is recognized as a privacy advisor and digital hacktivist for the community. Zetty currently works on such projects as TQVCancun, FLISOL, Software Freedom Day, Bitcuners, PIVX, and VEIL. Finally, he loves tacos, cookies, and he is 100% lactose free.

Akshay CM — Technical Advisor

Akshay CM — “akshaynexus” Technical Advisor

Akshay is talented developer who has contributed to Top 100 projects including Digibyte and Vertcoin. He is proficient in many coding languages including C++, Java, PHP, Obj-C, Swift and JavaScript. Also, he is currently Lead Blockchain Developer & Maintainer of DogeCash.

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