JavaScript Tutorial For Beginners

JavaScript is one of the world’s most popular programming languages and It is into every corner of the development. Days of JavaScript being just simple web scripting language are gone, Today Javascript is super powered language that is used in wide variety of software development like web, server-side, mobile, micro controller etc., JavaScript is certainly the backbone of a website development and is used by all big players and lot of large websites front-end and back-end are powered by it.

It’s been around 20 years for JavaScript. In these years it has got several names such as Mocha, LiveScript, JScript, and ECMAScript.

STEP 1: Learn JavaScript Building blocks (Beginner)

As with any language, let it be speaking the language or computer language building blocks are very much needed to start our journey with its use. Javascript is no exception. So the first and foremost step is to learn the basics which comprise of the character set, keywords, data types, operators, conditionals, loops. So look at the links given below and start learning the basic building blocks.

STEP 2: Learn JavaScript Objects & jQuery (Intermediate)

Knowing basics is good but going deep into the language is better. Be better javascript developer by enhancing the knowledge of basics to next level. Objects are first class citizens in javascript and they are ubiquitous, so know more about them. It always good to know about great libraries which make developer life easy, without a doubt jQuery is one great library to learn and it helps in boosting developer productivity to a greater extent. There are tons of websites which are powered by jQuery.

The following link gives you a clear picture about jquery and JavaScript objects.

STEP 3: Build Your First Interactive Website (Intermediate)

Learning is always good but the application of knowledge gained is fantastic. Time to showcase the skill earned. Build a website on your own. Learn how to present your web page with fancy effects by creating a live one.

STEP 4: Knowing What are Variable Scope, and Hoisting (Advanced)
Good, better, best. Be the best. Delve deep into the language and be a master. Want to know what makes an application alive then learn in deep by following the below link.

STEP 5: Understand JavaScript Date, Timers, and Cookies (Advanced)

Everyone knows the tracker agent cookies, isn’t it? Learn more about timers and javascript date from the given links below

STEP 6: Build JavaScript Application in Real-World (Advanced)

A real world example is any day better for more understanding. So here would be taught to create real-time applications.

STEP 7: Testing Time — Quizzes (Advanced)

Practice makes a man perfect…Well, it goes with the saying learning is incomplete without testing. So test yourself and make yourself better.