Meet the Bay Area’s Only Full-Time Mohel
Jason Ditzian

My husband is a 100% genetically Ashkenazi Jew who came over from the USSR when it fell and he is not circumcised, nor does he wish to be. He is also vehemently anti-circumcision. And in fact, we both like it better that way. Not only does it look more natural down there, but we both experience more pleasure this way. He and his parents and grandparents (who escaped the Nazis) are not religious in any way and have evaded dogma completely, something this procedure seems heavily tied to. He also finds it heavily irrational to circumcise in this day and age, if at all ever. His point stands that you can’t unring a bell once rung and that there are those who are very angry at having that decision made for them when they can make it themselves later. If this is important religiously, then the pain and downtime later will be worth it. Would you also really want to marry a girl who only cares if you are circumcised or not? It’s a terrible reason.

Despite the Mohel saying he is also anti-circumcision, he tried to convince a lot in this article why a Jew should get it done. However, please consider another Jew’s take on the matter.

That being said, there is absolutely no reason a gentile or other non-Jew should have this procedure unless for medically necessary reasons.

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