Press Freedom is Under Attack: Wake Up, The Alarm Has Sounded
Sarah Fisher

Great, if unsettling story. Left or right, human nature is generally to use power against perceived weaker people. I feel the polarization of society has bred this mistrust in everyone not in our own in group. The lack of interaction between people of difference fuels this. The internet allows us all to live in our own echo chambers shielded from alternative views. The rejection of other people’s ideas using language such as “disgusting” or “evil” enables us to reject at an emotional level before engaging with the idea.

This barrier needs to be broken down and people encouraged to discuss ideas and differences free of the emotion. Maybe it’s time for the coffee shop to return to its origin as a social space where people come together to discuss over a drink? 20 minutes to consume a latte and someone else’s opinion. To listen and think for a change.