Art of the Warring Mind

Sometimes I lay on the grass and contemplate my existence, my purpose On the earth. What was I meant for. Should I take the risk to find out ? I am afraid to take this step because I am am afraid of what I’ll find. But isn’t the biggest risk, not to take risks? I have my beliefs as a person, who I am and what I’m capable of, but what defines me? Is it the way I talk, my manners, the way I’m groomed, or how others view me. Turns out it’s none of these. My beliefs are mine and mine alone. You dont have to accept my beliefs as true. But that doesn’t mean there not my truths. My relationship with my God is what’s important to me. Knowing that I have his approval is what I need in my life. In fact, it’s all I need. Everyone in my life could leave me today and you know who I would still have? God and my soul. Its not enough to think your good enough to accomplish great and spectacular things, no, you have to believe you are good enough, and it all starts with you finding your purpose. I’m only 19 so I might miss a day, but my goal is that every two days I will be posting a new revelation in my life and how I handle my decisions in an attempt to help you think of your purpose in life. You are worth so much in this world, more than you even know. So let’s find who YOU are, shall we!