Trends that cause a rift in opinion!

There are many trends that seem to stir controversy. They have many haters but also many fans! Why do people who dislike them and others like them for the same reasons? I have listed 5 such below!

Beanies : For many, beanies are a total fashion no-no! Many think beanies provide no actual protection from the cold. They seem to give the wearer a ton of negative attention. Maybe it is because hipsters seem to have made them a part of their style statement!

Various wool beanies

Crocs : Crocs are made for summer weather, they are easy to wear( made of plastic). But the main issue people have is they are costly for something made entirely out of plastic and most brand the shoe as ugly! They seem to collect dirt and stones as well.

Animal prints : Leopard, cheetah and other animal prints are incredibly hard to pull off! In the fashion world, they have always been trendy! But it seems a lot of men dislike this style deeply.

Animal Print Handbag

Leggings as Pants : Leggings seem to be acceptable as athletic wear but when it comes to being worn as pants, most have an issue with it! Critics say it is immodest but that argument is hypocritical( considering jeggings are somewhat acceptable). But wearers say it is more comfortable than jeans for long periods of time!

Leggings as pants

V necks : Unpopularity of V necks is irregardless of their depth. This hate is limited to men wearing V necks. Women however are free of this scrutiny. If the wearer is muscular, people think they are showing off!

V neck

Regardless of public opinion, if you like any or all of these trends, wear it and prove the naysayers wrong! Fashion and style is very subjective! Let me know what you think of these in the comments!