What is the difference between a Brogue and an Oxford shoe?

What is a brogue or an oxford shoe? Why do they have these names?

A brogue is defined by its perforated decorations (called brogueing), i.e, the cap of the shoe forms a design which looks like a “W”. Moreover, brogues are further classified into full brogues(wingtip), semi-brogues, quarter brogues and long wing brogues, etc.

An Oxford is a Brogue without the detailing done on the cap. They are characterized by closed lacing. The term was derived from the Oxonian, a half-boot with side slits that was popular at Oxford University in the 1800s.

Why should I know this?

Fashion trends are gender neutral, many brands now offer brogues and oxfords as women’s shoes. In honor of the trend, it’d be good to know the difference between said styles.