Can we all just shut the fuck up?

My dinner party friends are complaining about the same thing: Non-stop talkers.

And they’re trying to figure it out. Do people blab-on because they fear if someone isn’t listening to them, they stop living?

Why do people you know well, and love you, tell you things that they know there is not even a .01% chance that you’d be interested in? They do know, somewhere within themselves, that their talk is draining your spirit and yet they tell you anyway.

It has to feel good for them, right? And it’s at your expense. So how much do they really love you?

And if we’re all bugged by the same thing, non-stop talkers, who are the talkers?

Yes, it’s us. It’s you.

Or, as we learned in High School: 90% of the guys have had sex, and 10% of the girls have had sex. Which means each of the girls is taking on 10 guys, or one or two girls are doing the whole school…or

This is an old joke.

Or as Scott Adams says: “Consider the people who routinely disagree with you. See how confident they look while being dead wrong. That’s exactly how you look to them.”

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