Donald Trumps Missing Ego

Who really has the large ego in this election?

I do. And you.

I’ve been thinking about Trumps lousy speeches and twitter comments and wondering what he’s up to. And I realized that if Trump is willing to look like such an idiot, like Tony Robbins, that the truth is that rather than those two having huge egos, they actually have no ego? That I’m the one with the ego that is getting in the way? That they are willing to look like complete idiots to accomplish their mission, what they want to accomplish, and I am not. Therefore, they have very small, or non-interfering egos, and mine being fragile and huge can’t handle the embarrassment of looking so stupid? This flies in the face of everyone always saying how over-inflated Trump’s ego is, and Tony Robbins. But maybe they’re the ones with the small egos, and mine is the ugly big interfering ego.

How does one act when one has no ego? Maybe they act like Tony Robbins and Donald Trump. Maybe we’ve got this all wrong.

I think this correlates with something that has really puzzled me over the course of this election cycle, which is not understanding Trumps almost weird self-confidence and what I interpret as his unnatural courage. Maybe that is another symptom of not having much of an ego. I’m not trained in psychology, so I might not be using the terms in their strict medical/Freudian sense, but in the generally understood sense of what we identify with big egos. Maybe all of this is ass-backwards. Maybe we’re the ones with the big egos, and those big ego assholes, Trump and Robbins don’t have any.