The Intellectual Yet Idiot
Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Why is everyone so put off by Nassim Taleb?

It’s hard to see what the real objections are to these essays or blog posts by Taleb. I can understand the people he calls out by name or class getting defensive, being offended, and lashing out. But why are so many others put off by what Taleb writes in an essay like this. As he says, it represents less than 1% of the population, the 1% that is fucking us every day.

He’s calling out something that needs to be called out. Why is that in poor taste? Why is his “arrogance” always the first thing that everyone is objecting to? He’s not calling you out. He’s not criticizing you. So why are you offended and put off?

At the macro level it seems to me that Taleb is saying, once again, that we are being ruled and influenced by frauds, posers, crooks and cowards. Is that offensive because you think he’s wrong? Or is it offensive because you don’t want to admit that you have been listening to, taking the advice of and ordering your life by those frauds, posers, crooks and cowards?

Isn’t it better to have Taleb call them out, and questions where you get your information, than tear into him and go down with the ship? Isn’t it better to look at the track record and credentials of our experts and leaders and change course, rather than bristle because we’ve been too stupid to see how dumb our leaders and pundits really are?

I think I’ll just print 100 copies of this essay of Talebs and hand it out every time one of my smart friends or acquaintances tells me how stupid I am for voting for Gary Johnson or Donald Trump, or my family when I tell them that I’m not sure grandpa really should be having surgery that remove his hemorrhoids.