Welcome to the first edition of the Zeplin Highlights!

As the Zeplin crew, we’re dedicated to helping teams deliver on the promise of design and we’re excited to share several new features to make this easier. In this edition, publishing finalized designs gets even better, colors go to the next level and sharing externally becomes a snap.

Publish in Order

As a designer, is there a specific order you like to lay out your artboards, frames, symbols and components within your design tool? We hear this every day from Zeplin users out there. …

Superformula is a cutting-edge, full-stack digital transformation partner that specializes in design, engineering, research and insights. Since its inception in 2010, Superformula has grown to include team members distributed across North America, South America and Europe, who all utilize design and engineering to elevate the way people interact with the world through digital products.

“At our core, we are a collection of passionate and proactive problem-solvers,” says Scott Baggett, Digital Director at Superformula. “We eat, sleep and breathe digital products and services.”

Superformula has built a strong reputation as a user-first agency for top brands around the world, which is…

In case you missed it, we recently released our integration with Zapier. But, before we could roll out this new feature to our users, we wanted to test it for ourselves. That’s why we hosted an all-remote Zeplin + Zapier Hackathon!

In case you don’t know, Zapier is a wildly helpful no-code workflow and automation tool. It allows folks to connect thousands of tools to automate their work with “Zaps.”

To get your workflow muscles warmed up, we wanted to share the winning Zaps from our internal hackathon. Enjoy! ⚡

If you want a more detailed explanation of Zapier and…

At Zeplin, we believe in the promise of design. In fact, it’s our mission. Every month, more than 6 million designs are published to Zeplin so teams can collaborate to bring those designs to life. We have amazing users including developers, QA engineers, product managers and more that work together in Zeplin to deliver on the promise of design. Today we’re thrilled to announce a new set of features that will help product teams work together to build amazing products.

Watch the Jan. 21st launch event below!

Component Variants

One of the most popular ways designers use Zeplin today is to…

We built Zeplin to be a friendly place for the entire product team to collaborate, and that includes developers. With our release of Connected Components last year, we made it possible for developers to establish a connection between finalized designs in Zeplin to components that reside in their codebase. This provided a great way for developers to link their designs to sources of documentation like Storybook, GitHub and many more.

While this connection is great, we wanted to go even further.

So today, we’re excited to introduce the new Zeplin add-on for Storybook. With this new integration, developers will be…

How does a leading worldwide digital agency serve up lovable apps and high quality user experiences every time? The answer is a structured product development process, including tools that are suited to each step, according to Bárbara Fontenelle, product designer at ArcTouch.

The product development team at ArcTouch uses Figma and Zeplin together as they work across multiple projects and collaborate with clients around the world. …

Digital Experience specialist Lanna Solci joined Electrolux in early 2019 to help refine Electrolux’s processes for building digital experiences integrated with physical appliances. She recently spoke with the Zeplin crew on how her team has adopted a workflow encompassing Zeplin, Overflow and Adobe XD.

Before joining Electrolux, Lanna had been working in design for seven years but had never previously worked with physical products. Bringing a wealth of experience and a unique perspective, she helped the team transition from using traditional design tools to using a more modern approach. …

Keep your team up-to-date with design changes and conversations happening in Zeplin

Thousands of product teams collaborate in Zeplin every day. However, we’re aware that Zeplin is not the only place where they collaborate. This is why we want to leverage your investments in other tools through deep integrations.

Back in 2015, tightly integrating Zeplin with Slack was one of the first things we worked on. How does it help? Designer publishes a new design to Zeplin, the team is automatically notified. Developer raises a question, the team is automatically notified. Designer publishes a change to the design, the team is automatically notified.

Currently, Zeplin and Slack are a foundational combo for…

We had a chance to speak with Kelsey Kimura, UI/UX Designer at WestJet. Kelsey is a principal designer focused on WestJet’s web experience.

We focused on how the combination of Zeplin and Adobe XD helped improve their collaboration and workflow. Enjoy the conversation folks!

How is the design team set up?

We’re a growing team and partnering with agencies to help re-imagine our digital experience. We are a centralized design team however with designers working on our different product teams. We use a figurative elevator model that allows designers to jump-on and jump-off different projects to temporarily support each other’s products during big initiatives or priorities.


Chatting with LM Group about Atomic Design in Zeplin and their Design System

It sounds like a cliché but it’s true. Zeplin changed my life! 😅

Marco Silva, Mobile Design Team Lead at LM Group

LM Group’s Mobile Design Team lead, Marco Silva, recently sat down with our Customer Success Advocate, Andy Wingrave, to discuss how they have implemented Atomic Design principles in Zeplin as part of their Design System.

LM Group is a publicly traded multinational Group, among the worldwide leaders in the online travel industry, that operates a portfolio of well-known brands such as lastminute.com, Volagratis, Rumbo, weg.de, Bravofly, Jetcost and Hotelscan.


Connected space for product teams. (YC S15) Supports Sketch, Adobe XD CC, Figma and Photoshop.

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