Where the margarita was invented in Ciudad Juarez. If these walls could talk.

Daily Commute

I am an American journalist running a Mexican news operation in Ciudad Juarez. How I got to this position in my career and life is a story unto itself. Maybe, along the way, I will get into that. Since September 2014 I have been making daily commutes from my home in El Paso, Texas to the office of Periodico Norte, an influential daily news operation in Ciudad Juarez. On a daily basis I run NorteDigital.MX and have been working to reposition the company as a whole. People in El Paso tell me I’m crazy for commuting daily into Juarez. Don’t I fear for my life? Do I feel safe? After all, for a time a few years back Juarez was a considered one of the most dangerous cities in the world. But now that I see Juarez up close each day, interact with the employees of Norte and get to know the residents of the city, I see it not for its violent past or for its many challenges. Rather, I see opportunity and I see ways that Juarez can become a great city, just as its sister American city, El Paso is striving to improve itself.

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