Captain’s Log, a.d. 2021:
The airship is ready, be prepared to soar above the clouds.

Ever since we learned about crypto, we have been amazed by the community and the possibilities to create equal opportunity for many. This is why we created this project.

Okay buccaneers, but what IS Zeppelin.dao?

Zeppelin.dao is a defi token AND a passionate volunteer community. You only need to buy and hold our $ZEP token to be paid a share of every transaction of Zeppelin anywhere in the world. The built-in Quartermaster Fee rewards holders and secures the token by auto-locking liquidity in the “Iron Bank” —making $ZEP rugsafe and whale-protected…

Captain’s Log, April 6, a.d. 2021: I realized today my crew might be insane. And I love them for that.

Wow. A kick-off like that really lifts the spirits. Less than 48 hours after opening our community, the Zeppelin.dao has already grown beyond multiple hundreds members and increasing by the minute. We couldn’t be more excited to launch our listing tomorrow and take our new family high above the clouds.

Quick stats:

Telegram Chat — + 685 Members
Twitter — +534 Followers, over 300 tweets and mentions
Whitelist Lottery — 20x oversubscribed

We can’t believe the support we received and are proud…


The community-driven DeFi Token on BSC that conquers the skies.

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