By Patrick Hentschel.
(*This review is posted by Zergotech, with permission and on behalf of Patrick Hentschel — Senior Director of Global Accounts at Feedonomics, tech start-up based in Woodland Hills, CA)

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Infrequently do I rave about health altering technology… Frankly, I’m usually quite skeptical of all things “ergo” given my years of experience trying one tool only to cycle it out for another after limited impact. Zergotech’s ‘Freedom’ keyboard is far and away the exception.

I’m a senior sales executive at a rapidly growing start-up based in Los Angeles, California. Though I’m uncomfortable to admit it, I probably spend upward of 8 hours a day during the week seated in front of a computer screen. I can type at a mean 120 WPM, and with this speed has come a price — for the last 1–2 years I’ve struggled with increasingly chronic hand pain that no keyboard (I’ve tried Logitech, Anker) has been able to ease. Slowing down my typing speed didn’t help, and each day was more disheartening than the last with respect to this soreness in my hands & fingers. …

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Some ergonomic keyboards are full of gimmicks that do little to serve the purpose of protecting your wrists and digits from repetitive stress injuries, while others come seriously close to perfection. For me, the Ultimate Hacking Keyboard (UHK) is the perfect combination of form over function, and it would take a miracle of a keyboard to pull that UHK out of my hands. And although the Zergo Freedom keyboard didn’t quite achieve that seemingly unattainable goal, it did come pretty close.

The perfect keyboard is very subjective, and muscle memory tends to work against manufacturers and designers. When I first adopted the Ultimate Hacking Keyboard, it took a hot minute for my fingers and brain to get in sync with one another; but once that happened, it was pure magic. Typing was incredibly comfortable and efficient. And given how much I type on a daily basis, the patterns of strokes and distance of keys became deeply ingrained in my muscle memory. …

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Disclaimer: Zergo provided us with a review unit of the Freedom.

The Zergo Freedom is one of the most ambitious ergonomic keyboards to come out in recent years. It attempts to do what few ergonomic keyboards before it have tried- fix all the issues that can arise from using a keyboard, from finger fatigue, wrist discomfort, shoulder pain, to CTS.

So how does it fare? I spent 3 weeks using the Zergo Freedom on my desktop. See whether the keyboard deserves a place at your home or office in this review.

The Problems the Freedom Tries to Solve

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Almost all computer keyboards force our bodies into some form of anatomically awkward posture as we type. This includes everything from fingers strain, wrist extension, forearm pronation, to shoulder compression. …


Zergotech Pty Ltd

Zergotech is the company behind the award winning Freedom ergonomic mechanical keyboard.

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