If You Want to Be Creative, Don’t Be Data Driven
Bill Pardi

There’s an interesting contradiction here. You’re effectively saying that data itself is meaningless; it’s the mind that creates meaning out of it. But you’re also illustrating that the real problem is that the mind creates false meaning out of any given dataset by imposing inappropriate assumptions on it, and applying faulty inference and deduction.

So really, the problem is in our selves and not our datasets. Certainly there’s “bad data”, and one of the worst distortions we impose on the world is the denial of that fact. But the problem isn’t data being mistaken for meaning, but rather meaning being mistaken for data. The stronger our craving for meaning, the more distorted our view of the world.

One answer is to ruthlessly seek out the obvious, and destroy it. The greatest enemy of truth is the unknown known: that which you are assuming is true without even realizing you’re imposing that assumption.

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