Team Zero Fortnightly Newsletter

Issue #17

Welcome to issue №17 of the Zero Newsletter

This one wraps up Quarter 4 2018 and is also our first newsletter for 2019.
It was a huge year for Zero as a whole across the board, stemming from the individual person, to the community, to the Core Team.

There have been so many contributors and contributions and we just want to thank everyone for their ongoing support for Zero.

In 2018, Zero had an external review by Proof of Review (POR), where we were the first coin to be verified by the team, with the highest accolade possible awarded to us. We were also featured in the first ever issue of Block Magazine, which was fantastic to be a part of.

Zero has also had the privilege of being listed on Blockfolio Signal, Coingecko Beam, Bituniverse Link and also Delta Direct for further announcements of Zero’s progress in the space.

We are now also a matter of hours away (as this update is written) from the activation height of our network upgrade to Sapling. All exchanges and mining pools are already updated and the team is also here to fully support the community in this transition.

In the last week, the Core Team would also like to invite any personnel who want to contribute from a technical or business development perspective to contact the team for further information. Any works, deliverable’s or outcomes from new or existing contributors that assist Zero onward in a continued professional manner will be reviewed the team for a potential reward in Zero.

We would like to also take a moment to thank the development team who were at the helm of Zero up until late March 2018 with their contributions to the project prior to the current development team’s appointment.

As always, thank you all for your continued support on Zero’s path to steady, organic growth and we hope you enjoy the products being delivered that can attest to Zero’s current and future status in this realm.

For anyone interested in investing — please do your own research prior to committing to any project, and we ask you to please not blindly commit to a project because someone else told you to.

As a quick recap of what has been done to date over 2018, please refer to the below.
Prior to the current Development Team’s appointment in late March 2018, there were the following available for Zero:


  • Windows — Swing Wallet with Daemon v1.0.12
  • Linux — Swing Wallet with Daemon v1.0.14
  • Miner — Optiminer
  • Explorers — 1 Iquidus based explorer


  • Cryptopia
  • Trade Satoshi
  • Barterdex
  • Crex24

The below is what has been achieved since late March 2018, when the current Development Team was appointed:

Simple Wallet — sapling ready
Swing Wallet — sapling ready
Insight explorer/api — sapling ready
Mobile Wallet — Android released, iOS in Beta and final review with Apple shortly
Daemon — sapling ready
3rd party wallets/pools/exchanges — all updated.


Swing Wallet with Daemon v1.0.14–2
Simple Wallet with Daemon v1.0.14–2
ZelTrez Wallet with Daemon v1.0.14–2


Swing Wallet with Daemon v1.0.14–2
ZelTrez Wallet with Daemon v1.0.14–2


Swing Wallet with Daemon v1.0.14–2
ZelTrez Wallet with Daemon v1.0.14–2
Zero Mobile Wallet 
Zelcore Mobile Wallet


Zero Mobile Wallet (Requires sideload)
Zelcore Mobile Wallet

Miner Software

EWBF — Nvidia Only
gminer — Nvidia only


2x Insight Explorers
1x Iquidus Explorers

Blockchain Visualisers

Zero Machine


Digital Price


3 x vendors who now accept Zero as a form of payment for their products or services.

POR review

Zero was given the privilege of being the first ever project reviewed by Proof of Review, a new coin review system that granted Zero the best review level of Tier 3, meaning that we have been fully certified.
Please check out the link below to go and check out the review:


We have also announced the following as part of our roadmap into 2019:

Utility Nodes & Staking Wallet

Zero will be introducing Utility Nodes, which are similar Masternodes

The difference being with Zero’s Utility Nodes is that they will hold and offer a specific function to the network that will add utility, rather than simply exist.
The details will be released in due course, but what we can do at this point in time is advise that each Utility Node will require 5,000 ZER, offer a 10% block reward, with this reward increasing by 1% — 1.25% each year, over the course of 4–5 years to incentive's holding and value.

We are so excited to get release our Utility Nodes in 2019, so please do keep an eye peeled for further information as we release more information to you all.

Staking Wallet

We know what our community wants, so we will also be offering staking in a yet to be released wallet that will allow coin control, based on a minimum of 100 ZER. There will be more details to also come in this respect, but our Staking Wallet, combined with our Utility Nodes will really make Zero a formidable competitor in this realm.

Ultimate Wallet

Our Ultimate Wallet when released will be our premier wallet that offers the best of all our features, all wrapped up into one easy to use interface. This is still in development at the moment, and again, sorry to say, but more information will be released as we can provide more details.

Shielded Mobile Transactions

With the release of the ZCash Sapling update, we will be in 2019, able to offer shielded mobile transactions across our Android and iOS wallets. This will be a culmination of a lot of effort, and we are looking forward to the day that we can offer this service and capability.

Thanks to everyone for their ongoing support and again, it’s great to be a part of such a strong community.

Team Ƶero