Team Zero Fortnightly Newsletter

Issue #18

Welcome to issue №18 of the Zero Newsletter, it’s been a great start to the year already!

For a quick fun fact, this is the 42nd week since the core team were introduced into managing/developing Zero.

Since then we have held over 20 Core Team official meetings that discuss strategy, communication, technical/business development, community engagement as well as planning, defining, & tracking roadmap metrics.

If we delve a bit further working on a very conservative figure of approx 20 hours each week per team member working on Zero (the figure is close to double this usually) then we have the following:

  • 20 hours x 6 team members = 120 man hours per week
  • 120 man hours x 42 weeks so far = 5,040 man hours over 42 weeks
  • 5,040 man hours x $85/hour = $428,400 of volunteer labour

If we include the community’s hours spent working on Zero, then you could effectively double the above figure to close to $1 million man hours, spent volunteering for a cause that we all believe in and strive to deliver.

What a privilege to be a part of such an awesome community and thanks to every one for making it all happen and being a part of it.

Community Initiative Channel

We now have a Telegram channel where community members can come and offer their ideas and be part of the working team of Zero.

We have some new members who are interested in assisting Zero in its progress who put forth ideas for approval, where the Team reviews and approves.

Works are then undertaken on the premise of no upfront payment. If the works are successful and offer substance and further progress to Zero’s cause, then the Team will review payment for those works from the development fund.

It’s the old fashioned volunteer work that the Core Team have undertaken, but with the potential offering of a reward for great results.

In fact, the above initiative has already kick started something that you may have seen announced in the last couple of days, being the Zero Podcast, hosted by Eden.

If you are interested in joining the channel to help the cause, then please feel absolutely free to get in touch on our official Telegram channel for more information. Don’t be worried about not having a technical background at all, as Eden put his hand up to advise of this and has still identified an area that he can leverage off without having a developer background.

Zero Podcast

In reference to the above where we highlighted Eden’s initiative, we will share a brief snippet of what the show will include:

“We will be talking about specific topics like privacy coins, in-depth look at coins and also general news like the current state of the crypto market and upcoming bitcoin halvening.”

Zero Community Contributor Eden says, who also advises that:

“We will have a variety of guests so keep an eye out for the first few episodes that will be launching in the next 2 -3 weeks.”

We look forward to it Eden and nice work.

Wallet/iOS App

In the last three weeks, we have also released the iOS Zero Wallet on the App Store. This is such a monumental achievement and a big thanks to Cryptoforge for the development of this and also to CryptoJohnDoe for making this happen from a behind the scenes paperwork perspective!

Android Wallet — 500 downloads

Also worth noting is that our Android mobile wallet has over 500 downloads and 5 starts on the Google Play Store. If you haven’t already downloaded, please do go ahead to keep your ZER on you phone.

Ultimate Wallet development

The Ultimate Wallet development is well underway at the moment, and you would have no doubt seen some snippets in the last couple of weeks in the main Telegram chat. The Ultimate wallet will become our main, multi platform wallet where you will be able to store your ZER once released.

Utility Node Development

At the moment, development is progressing very well with the Utility Nodes, and we have several that are running online at the moment and in Alpha phase. This is all that we will share in terms of development at the moment of the nodes and you will hear more in the coming weeks and months regarding these.

Scott from the Core Team also shared a snippet of information on the hardware requirements for the nodes per the below (this list is not definite yet, and is subject to change as required)

Current minimum requirements

  • 1 Xeon cpu
  • 1gb ram
  • Swap file to boost available ram to 4gb
  • Enough space to hold the blockchain (so 20/25gb total is fine)

Also here is what to expect with the minimum

  • As the utility on the nodes increase the number of real utility requests your node gets could slow your node down. If your node isn’t quick enough its possible that enforcement in the kernel initially or down the road to drop it from the masternode list pay cycle. This would mean more 2x Xeon cores might be needed. Of course more active nodes would distribute the load more.

What is on the backend?

  • Instead of asking users to centralize with a masternode hosting platform like GIN or to failed MANO and hanging onto other coins a very simple setup will be provided that can be script installed very easily at the popular hosting providers.

What you will need?

  • VPS 1x Xeon cores will be fine yes Digital ocean, linode or VULTR $5 or even AWS free tier t1micro should be ok.
  • Don’t be surprised if that isn’t enough over time! Although 1x xeon might be ok for Dash & Pivx. This might not be the case for Zero with full utility load.
  • Its highly unlikely that Zero will make nodes do tests, like sprout shielding or even sapling shielding. All this does is fill the blockchain and waste cpu power which could be used elsewhere.

Again, please remember that the above is indicative for now, and is subject to potentially change!

Mobile Wallet ‘Z’ Transactions

Mobile wallet ‘Z’ transaction work is underway at the moment. We are working on interfacing a whole new language to integrate for use and is a new process that is being worked on.

We are very excited to be working on this at the moment.

As always, thank you all for your continued support on Zero’s path to steady, organic growth and we hope you enjoy the products being delivered that can attest to Zero’s current and future status in this realm.

For anyone interested in investing — please do your own research prior to committing to any project and we ask you to please not blindly commit to a project because someone else told you to.

Team Ƶero