I was invited to give a talk at Touro College for Women last night in Brooklyn. The course topic was digital marketing. The teacher told me beforehand that I make sure the content is clean as all the students were Orthodox Jews. I’m talking skirts below the knees and elbows covered Jewish. I taught the class last year and was pretty nervous. This time around I was pretty comfortable and started off the class talking about my club Stand Up NY then the podcast business we started 5 years ago and then went into talking about Skitish Media the creative advertising agency we started last year. I went ahead and showed them samples of the funny videos we produced for clients. They were laughing up until the comic on the video said the words c*cksucker m***er f***er followed by a handful more curse words that was bleeped out. I heard a loud gasp from the students and looked towards the teacher sitting there on the side hand covered over his face shaking his head as I scrambled to turn the video off. No word yet if they’ll have me back next year.