And that’s what Chrome wants. It wants you to only use Chrome.
Browse Against the Machine
Eric Petitt

Citation needed.

I have worked on Chrome since its inception. Sure, we’d love people to use Chrome, because we think it’s the best product. Only use Chrome? No, that’s not necessary; it’s not good for the web; and it’s not something I see my team as interested in. On the contrary, just like Mozilla and Microsoft, we’ve been doing our best to try and balance “push the web forward” with “but make sure the end result is a shared standard that all browsers implement, so users can use any browser they want”.

If you’re going to make factual assertions about your competitors’ motives, you should have some factual data (e.g. interviews) to back them up. The closest you get is saying “living on Chrome has started to feel like their only option” about “your friends”. Without explaining why, or explaining how your friends are a representative sample that proves your assertion.

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