We are glad to announce that our new contract address with the token symbol ZFX has now been updated and approved by the Ethereum Blockchain, You can now find our logo along with ZFX token.

Here is our Contract Address https://etherscan.io/token/0xec6ce30daf8195a65c83a29025bd334bc9481ca0

Hello to the ZeroFeeXchange community, the management have discovered unusual withdrawal from the contract address and we have taken decision to which was informed to the Ethereum blockchain about the migration to new contract in order to bit this abnormal activities by the scammer trying to acquired all the token. However, this incident was lead to new contract address migration and new token was issued with a new Symbol known as ZFX.

All our SelfDrop participants on previous contract address will receive new token to the same wallet address they used to participate automatically.

New Contract Address
✅ ZeroFeeXchange (ZFX)

Here is our proof of the unusual withdrawal from our previous contract address and this has been informed to Ethereum Blockchain.


Earn Free 500 ZFE ($25) Token via #Airdrop for the first 5,000 users and it can be withdraw Instantly to your ERC20 wallet.

Register here now https://zerofeexchange.com

Then, login and click on Join Airdrop or Do SelfDrop to earn more ZFE token.

Zerofeexchange is intended to stop transaction fee on all trades executed on exchange platform and allow free trading on a secure blockchain. Join us at https://zerofeexchange.com

Zero Fee Xchange

Zerofeexchange is a global decentralize exchange that stop exchange slavery on all traders and enable zero fee transaction on alltrades and easy to use platform

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