Any cryptocurrency exchange is interested in growth. In this article, we are going to find out how to develop a crypto exchange project to get a tangible profit.

Trading volumes on a successful cryptomarket reach several hundred thousand dollars a day, and the income is estimated in tens of thousands of dollars a day. Only the top 10 cryptocurrency exchanges of the United States bring their owners $ 3 million in revenue per day. What can help a small exchange grow to similar numbers?

Ensure continuous technological development

A well-thought-out implementation of popular functions leads to an increase in key metrics: the number of…

Which wallets are safer, how to build relationships with users and what is the ideal OTC platform. The solution of these and other issues facing cryptocurrency exchanges was discussed at the meeting of the Huobi Global exchange in Kyiv.

Huobi Global in partnership with Zerohub conducted a meetup on cryptocurrency in Kyiv. This was the first event of Huobi in Ukraine. The participants of the event were the narrow circle of the most respected representatives of the industry. The chamber atmosphere and deep immersion of the participants in the subject made it possible to make the meeting productive and full…

Any exchange deals with financial transactions, which means that it must meet certain safety requirements, as well as KYC and AML regulations. Cryptocurrency exchanges do not bear the risk of volatility and other market risks for their owners. However, crypto exchanges have their own specific risks. In this article, we are going to talk about the risks that exist and how to counter them.

Data loss

Risk: There is always a risk that all servers will fail and information may be irretrievably lost. There are also risks of data leakage when stored in the cloud on foreign servers.

Solution: A digital currency…

Zerohub team visited the largest financial event for the B2B sector iFXexpo 2019. We share the latest trends and our thoughts about the situation in the world of financial technologies.

This year iFXexpo took place in Cyprus in Limassol. iFXexpo has been running for 7 years. During its existence, the exhibition was visited by more than 35,000 participants and 1,500 service providers from all over the world. This year the event was visited by more than 4,000 participants, cutting records of past years.

Serge Kushtapin, Head of Business Development Zerohub, iFXexpo 2019

Among the hottest topics were payment processing problems, leverage restrictions and a decline in trading volume on…

Key issues, biggest insights and main tips from largest russian Product management event from Zerohub PM Vlad Rafeev.

Our product management team has visited the most powerful product management conf in Eastern Europe (1100 participants, 69 speakers). We want to share the most interesting information for crypto business and everybody.

1. Many teams with strong Agile background (development-oriented) are mixing up roles of Product Owner and Product Manager. While they overlap to some extent, it is crucial to understand core differences between these two.

We are more interested in Product Manager role, since he is the one who responsible for…


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