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It’s a Secret to Everybody

Late July was a fascinating time for those of us who grew up playing video games in the mid to late ‘90s. On July 24th 2020 a “gigaleak” of files related to Nintendo was leaked onto the internet. This leak was a treasure trove of internal Nintendo documents as well as notably, the source code for a myriad of Nintendo games and prototypes. Within hours people were pouring over these files and found tons of fascinating bits of information about many of our favorite games. But one item in particular briefly blew up in the gaming community — A model…

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How I stopped worrying and learned to love the exercise

Exercise is something I have always struggled with, ever since I was a young kid. If you asked me as a child what my least favorite school subject was, I wouldn’t have answered “English” or “Math” - I oddly enough actually enjoyed those. PE however was my bane. For the most part I generally loathed PE. I enjoyed playing games outside as many kids do, but something about the structure of PE just never really meshed with me.

That kind of mindset stuck with me for the rest of my adolescence and even into adulthood. In high school I actually…

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Changing tastes in changing times

I never cared for Animal Crossing.

Not that there was ever anything wrong with it, but I grew up on the likes of Final Fantasy, Zelda, and Sonic. My favorite thing about games was always the story, the world-building, or simply the satisfaction of completing a level. I played games to learn the mysteries of Darth Revan, to explore the world of Azeroth, or to simply challenge my skills in Mario 64. There are specific things I look for in games and Animal Crossing doesn’t really have any of that.

I remember my first introduction to the series, a sleepover…

Jason Crockett

Software tester by day, RPG junkie by night. Lover of stories in all forms, but particularly games. Not trying to change the world, just my little corner of it.

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