ZeroNet speaks languages!

New version 0.5.1 released with added translation/multi language support.

Thanks for the current contributors it’s already translated to many languages.

You can help to translate it:

The files that needs to be translated:

Simply make a copy of them to the same dir where they are with the language short code you are going to translate to (eg. es.json), then replace the Hungarian translation.

To test them before submitting to github:

  • By default ZeroNet uses the operating system language, but you can also specify it in zeronet.conf (where is)
  • Open sidebar, check “This is my site”
  • Open javascript console (F12) check “Disable cache” on Network tab to avoid caching, keep window open
  • To reload Core language files (src/Translate/languages/hu.json and plugins/*/languages/hu.json) without restart you have to click on you language again on ZeroHello’s 3dot menu


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