Creating Videos For Niche Audiences

News agencies will always make flashy packages for big stories, but very rarely will they make them for niche audiences. Every major news agency — CNN, NBC, Fox, ABC, CBS — made polished video packages to accompany their articles announcing the Cleveland Cavaliers winning the 2016 NBA Championship. They can justify paying a producer and videographer to capture the footage, paying Getty Images licensing fees for rights to images, and hiring an editor to cut the package together because they know people will watch and share it.

But what about the niche audiences who are also experiencing stories that, although may not seem like a big deal to the wider world, is a really, really big deal to them?

Zero Slant’s Quick Takes

A few weeks ago, we began distributing 1–3 daily video packages for stories we felt were newsworthy or interesting. Although they were being made manually, we tried very hard to make the creation as true to an AI as possible. You’ll see when viewing them that they are almost identical — we try to imprint as little of ourselves on them as possible, and our goal is to have the system automated in the next few weeks.

(Not So) Surprising Find

We’ve known for a while that appealing to niche audiences always gets us the best engagement. We noticed it with Momunt, when tweeting links to WWE fans would get us triple or quadruple the views than when we’d try to engage NBA fans. The trend continued with Zero Slant stories; tweets to smaller bands and venues usually elicits more likes and RTs than the same tweet to arena rock bands and similarly sized venues.

But we were blown away when we decided to test out something even MORE niche than WWE — a conference being held by a relatively under-the-radar company, World Financial Group.

To us, it seems like one of those companies where you’re selling legitimate products, but you’re more encouraged to build out your team than your client list — but we digress. The point here is, we’ve seen hundreds of similar stories — companies holding big conferences in Vegas or some other big city to congratulate each other, party, and pat one another on the back. So why not see what happens if we make a video package for these diehard, “I owe my life to my employer” people?

Very Surprising Find

Here’s the Quick Take we made for WFG Momentum, World Financial Group’s yearly country wide conference. Compare the number of views we have for that video versus other Quick Takes.

Although “WFG Momentum” is the newest of our top four Quick Takes, it’s the one with the highest number of views by a long shot. The next closest Quick Take is of Muhammad Ali’s memorial, which still has over 100 less views and is two weeks old. “WFG Momentum” was just uploaded two days ago. It’s also the only of the four stories that was re-shared by a complete stranger, not someone affiliated with Zero Slant in any way.

The people at WFG were looking for ways to consume more information on their shared experience — we were the only company providing it for them.

Power Of Automation

Because the creation process will be automated, we won’t have to hire teams to produce and edit video packages. ZeroBot will handle everything for us on his own (and he’s a lot quicker on his own than a team of four). Pretty soon, we’ll be able to make these sort of videos for EVERY niche story we find. We want people to know that their story matters — not just the experience being told by millions of people, but the experience and story being told by just a handful of equally passionate folk. We can’t wait to begin.

Feel free to reach out to us with any questions, comments or concerns at

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