ZeroState presents site

Nov 20, 2018 · 2 min read

ZeroState presents to customers and users a website to promote products and services

ZeroState is a service of personal recommendations that selects the products, services and friends in accordance with the feelings and emotions of users.

You can download the ZeroState app here:

and here:

The platform of ZeroState is designed to communicate with people, search products, movies, books, services that are close to you emotionally. The focus is not on the object, but on the feelings it evokes.

Understanding the emotional reaction of customers, the advertiser increases the loyalty of its audience, analyzes its emotional involvement, and becomes the best for his customers.

Using the application ZeroState and placing the ads on the platform of ZeroState advertiser will receive:

  • an increase in the number of regular customers. Through the emotions and states advertising makes the buyer constantly think about the advertised product and return to the advertiser again and again.
  • saving the customers in a strong competitive environment. Through emotions advertiser’s brand becomes recognizable and unique for customers.
  • ZeroState rating to attract new customers. The advertiser gets the loyal customers who share his values and become followers of the advertiser’s brand.
  • effective promotion of business in the market. Emotional targeting, ZeroState helps advertisers to offer their customers what they really need.
  • the increase of profit. Acting on the emotions of people, the advertiser will be able to offer his goods at a higher price.
  • control over the quality of the advertiser’s business without wasting the time. Thanks to ZeroState, the advertiser will be able to get sincere feedback from customers about himself and his products.
  • emotional positioning in the market. An advertiser can create his own emotional guide to help the people make the right choice.

The advertiser can choose the set of services that suits him best.

Basic services design free of charge.

ZeroState basic set of services includes:

  • Statistics and targeting: states, impressions
  • Emotions «by default»: positioning according advertiser’s choice
  • The options of targeting: gender, age, geo
  • The mark on the map and radar
  • Action button: website
  • Push notifications: for nearby users

The packet of maximum value costs 50000 RUB per month.

The maximum set includes:

  • States / Shows: 5 000 / 400 000
  • Statistics and targeting: states, impressions, link, sex, age, geo, time, CTR, CPC
  • The options of targeting: gender, age, geo, time, targeting by similar emotions manually or automatically
  • The mark on the map and radar: the logo of company of advertiser
  • Action button: website, phone, email , links to other social networks, how to get
  • Push notifications: for nearby users
  • Stickers: according to the results of advertising campaigns
  • Set of printed products
  • Emotional guide: guide of company of advertiser
  • Emotional branding: A / B testing of advertising record or emotional game / survey for subscribers
  • Personal manager

Recommendations: by instruments


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