How you should feel when creating life changing content

So, what you’re about to read is two perspectives on creating awesome content and the feelings associated with it.

Foxtrot: So about a week ago, a buddy and I stayed up till around 4am editing a video. ( yes I know … why? ). Well? I haven’t figured that out yet, it was amazing though. We recorded voice overs around 4 times and spent over 3 hours listening to my draining voice over and over again. It was thrilling, thinking that two people in an attic at 4am would be able to make possibly the next biggest company that changes the world. I mean like ACTUALLY changes the world. Physically.. It felt amazing!

Zulu: I think we are getting there. Building something truly great. Something some people will only see on TV, we will taste. Something some people will talk about, we will feel. Something some people dream about, we will do.

Looks like the rocket is taking off. It’s taking off in the right direction. (hopefully not like Elon Musks’s rockets)