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ZERO 🏡 — ☁️

How a great app like Meetup can be even better at least from my point of view and my own experience.

Meetup app

I’ve never done this publicly and I thought it would be nice to leave some good notes on one of my favorite apps. Don’t get me wrong, I love Meetup and I use it all the time not just to attend Meetups but I’ve organized/co-organised few myself. It’s some points on how a great app like Meetup can be even better at least from my point of view and my own experience.

If you’ve read How to do a…

Learn how to use a search API and build your own Framer prototype.

Here at Onefootball, we see prototypes as more than a single step in our workflow, but as a holistic way for designers to express themselves in a more realistic way. Ultimately, prototyping allows us to capture the feeling of a design and better communicate it across teams. As a design tool, Framer allows us to incorporate a higher level of detail, which is especially useful when building a prototype for user testing purposes. Our prototypes often contain large amounts of data, which often makes them indistinguishable from our real app. …

People who touched my life & my heart

My family

If you missed the first part of the article check it out down there.

We as humans don’t live alone. We tend to have groups most of the time. Some are close and some aren’t. It’s in our blood to be around people and socialize. Close ones make us feel comfortable and they are the ones who are always there and we look out for each other.

Meet my family in Istanbul

I would like to talk more about them and I’ll sort them according to when I met with each one. …

A journey of discovering myself in 2015

Galata Tower in Istanbul by Michaela Loheit

Fade in

I’m a Product Designer who left Cairo to work in Istanbul. I traveled on November 11th, 2014 to join a startup called Arkony. It had many amazing people from Russia, Egypt, and Turkey. Everyone was friendly and nice. The working environment was great. The company provided us with everything. Accommodation, transportation, lunch and even breakfast, so it was a perfect life. I even got the chance to learn how to play Ping Pong -table tennis- during that time.

Istanbul the city

It’s a pretty city with a lot of vibe and opportunities. Some may say that…

The easy way

Photo by

The Problem

“When an HTML page contains a small amount of content, the footer can sometimes sit halfway up the page leaving a blank space underneath. This can look bad, particularly on a large screen. Web designers are often asked to push footers down to the bottom of the viewport, but it’s not immediately obvious how this can be done.”

Following up on How to keep footers at the bottom of the page by Matthew James. I figured out that there’s a much easier way to do that technique using Viewport units. …

The good, the bad and what I’ve learned at eventtus

This is my very first post on Medium, so i’ll try to do as good as I can.

What is eventtus

eventtus is a social network for event discovery that’s based on your location and your interests with a social taste, so you can get to know what your friends are attending and doing. It’s mainly designed for conferences and users can benefit from knowing all event details, agenda, and even speakers’ contact information without reaching out to them. …

ZERO 🏡 — ☁️

👨‍🎨 Sr. Product Designer @SoundCloud ☕ Speciality coffee enthusiast 🎮 Gamer 📷 Photography 🐤 Twitter: zerox_me — 📍@berlin

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