(A) Lessons learnt from reading Chapter 1: “Do This and You will be Welcome Anywhere” from “How to Win Friends & Influence People” by “Dale Carnegle”

In this finite world, every one has to work hard for earning his/her living. During this phenomena, a person often gets worried and sad due to problems of life. Also it is a fact that one has to interact with other persons of different personalities and psyches during his whole life because man is a social animal. He can not live isolated from others.Therefore, it is not necessary that one is always liked or appreciated by some other person. But to make people like you or interested in you, you have to go an extra mile.

For example, If someone says you “Hi! What’s up?”, you should ask more than him like “ I am fine Alhamdulillah. What’s about you? Is everything fine at home?”. Then give him sometime and listen him carefully. It will show your character and passion about that person. He will come to know in few days that you really care about him and his problems. In short I will say that I learnt a lesson that “Spread love If you want to be loved”.

Secondly, I learnt some important lessons. Here is the list.

  1. Ask questions about others. It will make them happy and in turn they would start liking you.
  2. Listen to their answers and stories carefully. They will automatcally start developing interest in you.
  3. Sometimes laugh with them and try to display positive emotions.
  4. Be warm and give respect to them in the same way as you like to be respected.

(B) Lessons learnt from Applying these Lessons in Real Life

On Thursday evening, I met one of my class fellow in a nearby public place outside the university and started doing gupshup with him alogwith taking tea at the same time. As he was meeting me after a long time, I asked him about his job, family and ongoing life. He started telling me about him. I listened to him carefully for about 10–15 minutes but I got bored with the passage of time. Then I started telling him about myself. But I focused on my objective of listening to others, therefore, again asked him some more questions and listened to him for about 15 minutes. It gave me a lesson that “Listening to others is qutie a difficult task”.

At the end of our meeting, he was very thankful to me and he also realized that he had talked more than me and said “Thanks for the patience and listening to me”.

It gave me a lesson that “If you want to be liked and thanked, give your time to others and listen to them carefully”. Because during the present age, very few people really care about others. Every one is so stressed that he finds some nice friend that might listen to his problems and suggest any possible solution.