On Gloves; design and review

  • What does the average man use these hardy gloves for?
  • Do they feature in so many posts, because they’re so good, or because so many other people feature then in their personal ‘look books’?

On Gloves

To answer the first question, what do I use these gloves for?

  1. Cycling.
  2. Via ferrata, or gripping a thick steel cable.


GloveOakley SI TacticalOutdoor Research IronsightArc’teryx Assault Glove FRMechanix Original Fit?OKOdd; very tight fingertipsPerfectLoose Pull/hang loop?NoYes; excellentYes; goodNo Grip?Yes; leather palmYes; initially then noYes; leather palmOK Hard wearing?YesNoYesYes; except VelcroScore /5?3251

Oakley SI Tactical

Fire resistant, goat-skin palm, and rigid knuckle reinforcement. The sizing is a little large, but more on the hand than the fingertips and fingers.

Outdoor Research Ironsight

When new, the OR gloves have excellent grip, thanks to rubberised detailing on the palms and fingers. They have the best pull/hanging loop, are very breathable, and have good Velcro.

Arc’teryx Assault Glove FR

I struggle to find a negative point to these gloves, but if there is one it would be cost. Countering that, they fit perfectly, are fire resistant, work with touch screens, have a pull/hanging loop and an excellent large Velcro tab on the top of the wrist.

Mechanix Original

The two advantages of these gloves is that they’re easy to get hold of, and cheap. Added to that, they’re hard wearing, and breathable, but that’s where the advantage ends.


After looking at these four pairs of gloves, it has firmed my belief that people who include Mechanix gloves do not use the same selection criteria that I do: they do not need to be able to securely store their gloves and retrieve them quickly, and they are not concerned about cuffs that come open during wear.

  • Hang/pull loop, for easy donning and secure storage
  • Velcro on the back of the hand, not the palm, and a good-sized swatch of velcro, for a secure and snug cuff
  • A precise fit, with precise fitting instructions



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