Reviewing the Oakley Radar Pace over a few days


In summary, it’s important to realise these are nothing special, and that there’s no particular reason to buy them. Running with my Lumo Run gives more useful coaching information, with audio delivered by a Bluetooth handsfree or any pair of headphones. Training plans are available from n+1 providers (Strava, Garmin, Suunto, and so on). Whilst I’m sure they could improve with firmware updates and software developments, I don’t really see the point when more functionality can be had for significantly less money.

What would I use instead?

My Fenix 3 HR ($450) provides much more functionality for the same price, including training plans, and analyses my running form in much more detail (although the coaching is on you to provide). The Lumo Run ($100) provides excellent coaching, honing in on key areas, and providing useful exercises to improve technique.

What did I do with mine?

I took them back for a refund after a few goes with them: for $449, I expect a perfectly polished product, and not a buggy Bluetooth handsfree from the early 2000s.



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