Stop Being a Good Person

Just do it for you…

A couple of weeks ago, my girlfriend had a breakdown. It was one of those episodes that would make you really, but really uncomfortable. The problem was that she is too much of a good person.

If you are reading this, you are probably thinking “really? that’s her problem?”. Yes, that her problem. You see, when you are a good person and give people more than they actually deserve, you may get stomped and you don’t notice at all, and as a result, you keep being that good fellow everyone relies on.

That’s the problem she has, and to my thinking, she will always have. She is (was) friends with a young girl who has recently had a child. This girl is about 20 years old and she is raising the child practically by herself. Again, you may think “wow, she sets a good example”. Well, let me tell you that she doesn’t. At the beginning it was all fun, the girl came by my girfriend’s house everyday jut to chat and have some “mates” (I’m argentinian, by the way). Then, things got a little out of hand. This girl (who I shall call “Mary”) started bringing her issues to my girl’s(who I shall call, “Susan”) house, I mean after all they are…were… friends, and that’s what friends do, right?. Anyway, Mary, started to come to Susan’s house desperate for help and Sussy’s family gave the young mother all the help that she could get at that time, and she seemed greatful about it; sadly, she only seemed to be greatful.

Now, things got out of hand completely, after a couple of months after the baby’s baptism, Mary erased herself of the map, she started behaving pretty weird and left Susan and her family, practically abandoned. Yep, something that everyone of us has experienced in life, getting dumped by a friend. The real problem is that Susan is…was…unable to see that good old Mary, was not sincerely greatful for all the time and money invested in her and, more importatly in her child, she was not able to see how big this family’s heart was and how important Mary’s child was…is…to Susan.

So, being a good person is okay, but being too good of one, is not. Don’t get me wrong, I love Susan with all my soul and I will love her forever. But this is something I need to get out of my chest or I will have a Susanlish breakdown myself. So, this is for you honey: STOP thinking of everyone else’s needs and put your own first. That’s the only way I will see you smile forever.

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