Many women, including myself, were reminded of the many times we were molested, harassed, blackmailed, made uncomfortable by the sexual advances of someone older, a boss or a family member. We remembered the times we felt trapped in situations we could not escape, and had to follow the line of least resistance while all the time blaming ourselves. We knew that no one would believe us, we knew that we’d be told to keep quiet, or worse, that we’d have to lie in the bed we’d made. We were guilty. And if we weren’t, speaking out would tear our world apart. We’d lose jobs, destroy families.
#quellavoltache: Asia Argento Is One of Us
Giulia Blasi

in one of these occasions, after being made totally inopportune advances by a business partner (who was selling my work) I ran. In 2 weeks I finished the open jobs and closed all business dealings. Needless to say it was a huge blow to my income #quellavoltache

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