You Are Not Equal. I’m Sorry.
Dina Leygerman

Sorry. Marching for an undefined and unfocused reason(s) isn’t logical, but is confusing. This was against Trump, not for women. This was organized in direct response against Trump being elected. If it would have been focused on getting the new right to paid Maternity leave or for equal pay or both, this misguided and socially engineered fad would have actually meant something. Instead, women were nasty abou it and even vile. Vaginas, ignorant stars, and mostly ignorant women following the herd. This is a direct attempt to divide the country even further and a lot of you women and even some “men” fell for it. Next time, focus on something you don’t already have and maybe us terrible men will see your point. Maybe the women that reposted the post you are breaking apart will march with you in solidarity. Until then, stop following the herd, dividing the country, and feeling empowered about dangerous rhetoric.