My 12-day fast

Why fast again?

The main reason for me to fast again is my colon. It has been more than a year (I haven’t counted exactly) that I have colon pain that can be very intense i.e waking me up in the middle of the night…

  • I want to cleanse my intestines and rest my colon,
  • I want to cleanse my whole body (I’ve been eating very badly lately),
  • a long fast (more than 10 days) will bring me more benefits (for my body and mind),
  • I want to take up a new challenge in favour of my physical and mental condition,
  • I listen to my body that wants, needs and is ready for this fast,
  • I would like to lose fat and maintain a healthy balance in the long term by adjusting my diet.

The environment during my long fast

I decided to do it here, in my guesthouse in Bali, because I am all alone and very well surrounded.

A brief summary of my 12-day water and dry fast

Yes, finally, I mixed fasting with water and fasting without any water. I’m going to explain you why.

  • I wanted to stick to my 12-day goal,
  • I felt that my body was sufficiently cleansed (pink tongue and normal urine),
  • I was looking forward to a more active lifestyle,
  • I didn’t want to fall into a phase of starvation,
  • (I was tired of that unpleasant breath and taste in my mouth haha!).
  • back
  • kidney
  • head
  • tired and heavy body

Small observations during my 12-day fast

  • Frequency + type of urine and possible stools: no stool during the whole period of my fasting. Urine not very loaded and relatively clear when I drank a lot (or too much) water. Urine loaded but normal the rest of the time (dark orange).
  • Observe my body outside and inside: pasty mouth, bad breath, dry lips and a slight underarm smell.
  • Observe colon: no colon pain except around days 10 and 11 of my fast.
  • Bloating, gurgling: no bloating but gurgling and gas sometimes.
  • Oily skin when I woke up: especially in the first few days, much less or not at all afterwards.
  • Daily weight control + measurements.

Periods and hormones during my fast

Short part dedicated to women.

The food descent and its importance

My food descent was a little messy and I’ll explain why. I only prepared it for six days. Normally, it should have lasted 10 to 12 days i.e as long as my fast. As soon as I arrived in Bali, my appetite had already decreased a lot so over these 6 days, I was already not eating much. In the end, it wasn’t a problem at all for me.

Food recovery and its importance

Food recovery can be difficult (more difficult than fasting itself) because you have to control the urges and desire to eat too quickly and to skip the steps.

Fasting to lose weight

So fasting to lose weight can be a good and bad idea.

In conclusion

I am happy to have done this fast and I will do it again. Now, the hardest part remains to be done: taking care of my body and mind through my diet and on a long term basis.

My intermittent fasting

For now, I will continue my intermittent fasting which suits me very well but the only difference I will apply is to switch to dry fasting.



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