$ZEUS token launch and airdrop claiming on Jupiter LFG Launchpad

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4 min readApr 1, 2024

{ 4 . 4 } = $ZEUS Token Launch + Airdrop Claiming

Exciting news! Zeus Network has set the launch date on Jupiter, a Solana-driven premier DEX supported by galaxy cadets, where it will host the $ZEUS token launchpad.

On April 4th, the $ZEUS token is set to launch on the first-ever Jupiter LFG Launchpad. We are incredibly grateful to the ZEUS community and Jupiter holders who exercised your decentralized governance rights by participating in the DAO voting process.

Once the LFG Launchpad begins, you will be able to claim airdrop and trade $ZEUS.

Jupiter LFG Launchpad #1: $ZEUS

Claim $ZEUS Airdrop

3% of the total $ZEUS token supply will be distributed as airdrop allocations among qualifying participants:

  • Jupiter Voters: Participants who voted in the Jupiter “Round #1 of LFG Voting!”.
  • Zealy Supporters: Participants who took part in Zealy quests and earned Zealy XP.
  • Dappie Gang Holders: Owners of Dappie Gang NFT.

How to claim airdrop:

  1. Connect your wallet to check the allocation.
  2. Claim when Jupiter LFG Launchpad begins.

Trade $ZEUS

Once trading commences, you’ll have the option to swap $USDC, $SOL, $JUP, or any other tokens into $ZEUS.

Jupiter offers three distinct strategies:

  1. Swap: You can swap any token to $ZEUS. (Not available before LFG Launchpad begins)
  2. DCA (Dollar Cost Averaging): This strategy involves investing at equal intervals with equal amounts. (Available now)
  3. Limit Order: A limit order is a buy or sell order that executes at the minimum price you set or better. (Available now)

Airdrop Criteria

We’re thrilled to have over 300,000 eligible community members who will be able to claim $ZEUS on the Jupiter LFG Launchpad.

Jupiter Voter

We would like to extend our deepest gratitude and appreciation towards those who have supported and cast their votes during “Round #1 of LFG Voting!”. Each vote represents a confirmation of your trust and faith in Zeus Network, and we couldn’t be more thankful for this overwhelming support.

In response to community feedback, we’ve come to an agreement to make everything easy for everyone who supported Jupiter. Notably, we’ve canceled the requirement to complete the Galxe mission and increased the airdrop from 0.25% to 1%.

  • Allocation: 1%
  • Weighting factors: Voting power
  • Requirement: All voters in Round #1 of LFG Voting!
  • Snapshot: 11 March 2024, 12:00:30 AM (SGT)

Zealy Supporters

Olympians! By completing quests on Zealy, you earn Zealy XP. These Zealy XP serve as a testament to your active participation and contributions to our community. As previously stated, we will convert these Zealy XP into $ZEUS tokens as a way to thank our early supporters.

  • Allocation: 1%
  • Weighting factors: Zealy XP amount
  • Requirement: Eligible for participants who updated their Solana address in personal profile settings on Zealy.
  • Snapshot: 1 April 2024, 11:30:00 PM (SGT)

Dappie Gang Holder

If you own any Dappie Gang NFT, you are part of the loyal community of Zeus Network.

Not everyone knows, but Dappie Gang NFT is one of the early projects from the team. Thank you for being with us all these years, we finally made it to Olympus and soon to another wonderland.

Dappie signifies our origin, holding a Dappie means you’re part of the Zeus Network.

  • Allocation: 1%
  • Weighting factors: Number and rarity
  • Requirement: Eligible for owners who hold Dappie Gang NFT(s) in their wallet and staking program. (Snapshot taken at 11 pm on March 31st)
  • Snapshot: 31 March 2024, 11:00:00 PM (SGT)


  • Common Dappie = Base Token airdrop *1.0 multiplier
  • Pattern Dappie = Base Token airdrop *1.1 multiplier
  • Zombie Dappie = Base Token Airdrop *1.2 multiplier
  • Robot Dappie = Base Token Airdrop *1.25 multiplier
  • Alien Dappie = Base Token Airdrop *1.3 multiplier
  • Genesis Dappie = Base Token Airdrop *2 multiplier



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