Tokenization News: eToro Buys Firmo Network

Every week Zeus Exchange shares the latest news in the tokenized assets industry, with our comments and thoughts on why it’s important to us, and its users. Heres what’s been going on in the past week.

The first quarter of 2019 is already showing some optimistic progress in the field of asset tokenization. Why do we think, that the eToro & Firmo deal is important?

It potentially opens the whole field of blockchain-based settlements for investment assets around the globe, while underlying assets stay put in the country of its origin & regulation.

For a fintech company, it saves the time, the costs and the effort to open multiple offices in the countries where they have customers, and the customers receive a variety of services regardless of their country of residence.

Zeus Exchange is working toward stocks tokenization for the same reasoning, and we appreciate a strategic contribution towards market development, and we look forward to seeing a strong and competitive marketplace that produces better services for the end customer.

Yes, we expect that there will be a lot of discussions in the regulatory field, and it may take a while before we see the capital markets more open, transparent, and accessible to all users and across all assets. At the same time, deals like this pave the way for everyone. We are looking forward to whats next!

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