For for my Alpha male Zeus ❤

I found this poem recently, I did not write it. Although I tried to find the author’s name to give him/her credit but couldn’t. Its Beautiful. I thought it absolutely had to be shared. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

When you snuggle closer, And purr in your sleep, You are His kitten,

When you kneel between his legs, Gracefully accepting the band of fingers around your throat, You are His girl,

When you squirm from each hit, Your tush rosey red and tingling with intimacy, You are His brat,

When you rub yourself all over him, Leaving liquid passion in your wake, You are His Slut,

When you devour Him deeply, Pleasuring Him, soley there for His entertainment, You are His whore,

When you growl and strain with pleasure against His hand around your neck, Humping his leg for release, You are His bitch,

When you surrender to His strength, His power, When you sacrifice yourself on the altar of His desire, You are His prey,

When you stay still, quivering, unspeaking, Your only purpose to be mounted, to be used for His pleasure, You are His female,

And still… When you melt into his arms, lean your head against his chest, and whisper “I am yours” At that very moment, you are owned. You are loved. Completely.

— Author Unknown

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