Zeus Inu: SpaceX

In 2020, SpaceX surprised the entire world displaying “Zeus”, a robotic dog (Spot model) it purchased from the company Boston Dynamics. The world quickly discovered SpaceX decided to rename B.D.’s Spot robot dog model to “Zeus” after pictures revealed a newly built doghouse for the company’s newest friend.

So why get a robot dog you ask? Zeus was purchased to help SpaceX analyze data on test sites both during and after launches while humans must remain away. Sites are usually cleared of up to 1.5 miles in distance, and for several hours after a launch until the area can be deemed safe to return. This is where Zeus comes into play. He can go into areas where humans cannot to analyze data and help clear wreckage while equipped with cameras, sensors, remote control access and more. Zeus is the ultimate Inu. Not only that, but Zeus can also even dance, play, climb stairs and tow. Check out this video below to just get a sample of what he can do!

Now, in 2022 with the return of a new Inu season, Zeus Inu is here to once again show the world he can do so much more than any ordinary Inu. Come join us to find out more!

Taxes are 4/4. The contract will be renounced, and liquidity will be locked.


(1) ZeusInu (@ZeusInuEth) / Twitter

See below for more footage of Zeus in live action clearing a launch site!



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