Thinking of relocating to Toronto? How to Find the Best Furnished Apartments

If you must temporarily relocate to GTA that includes Toronto and Mississauga near to the airport, you will need short term accommodations. It gets tiresome and expensive to remain in a hotel for an extended length of time. Furnished apartments are an attractive alternative for impersonal hotel rooms.

Furnished apartments offer many comforts of home. Yet, finding short term accommodations in a new city can get nerve wracking.

Begin by writing your ‘wish list’. Underline ‘must-haves’. Chances are you won’t find a furnished apartment, which delivers all your wishes. Concentrate instead on ‘must-haves’ and even then, prepare to be flexible.

Pearson International Airport located in Mississauga

For example, could you do without a lake-front view in exchange for a short commute?

Internet Search
Accumulate information from the internet before departing on your trip. Type in keywords: ‘short term accommodations’, ‘furnished apartments’, etc. Peruse various apartment complexes instead of wasting time and energy to drive hither and thither. View photos and floor plans of the apartment and weed out undesirables.

Corporate Apartments
If your temporary relocation is job-related, contact your Human Resources Department about the possibility of corporate housing. No worries if your employer doesn’t have a connection with corporate apartments, they lease to individuals also. This is a living example of ‘all you need to take with you is a toothbrush’.

One monthly fee generally includes rent, utility bills, cable TV, internet and maid service. In addition, linens, towels, dishes, small electronics etc. are furnished. Because corporate property managers aim to lure executives, they offer higher quality furnishings and lots of desirable amenities.

Apartment Locators/Property Managers
If your search for short term accommodations is not fruitful, try seeking professional help. You may be reluctant to try apartment locator or property management services because you’ve heard they charge high fees. As a rule, apartment finders do not charge their clients.

Apartment locators will only show you furnished apartments that meet your needs, in your specified location and within your budget. Because they act as intermediaries between apartment leasers and you, apartment finders are up on the latest information about apartments that aren’t available to the general public.

If you’re a nester, subletting from the person who currently occupies the apartment is a good option. You’ll feel more at home in a sublet, as the owner typically leaves items such as CD’s, DVD’s, books and knick-knacks. Décor — embellishments like wall art, throw pillows and reading lamps — is more personalized than in furnished apartments.

Bottom Line
Renting short term accommodations is cost effective in comparison with hotel living.