This is a white, queer, middle class (though currently poor) woman, living in a wealthy “Western” country, over thirty, under fourty, diagnosed with recurrent depression (since early adulthood) and autism spectrum disorder (recently).

Trying to speak, in writing, in order to make some of the uplifting experiences and achievements in my struggles more “real”, anchor them more permanently in my personal world. Have them play a more powerful role in the ongoing dialogue with myself. Just trying to let the good, the poignant, the creative, but oftentimes fleeting moments have a greater impact.

Trying to find more and different ways to grow. Trying to turn bad experiences and feelings of despair and depletion into something else. If possible, something empowering.

Trying to transform they ways in which I tell the stories of my life.

Trying to educate myself more along the way.

Trying to fail better.

If this inspires anyone, I will be glad.

[English is not my native language.]