Notes to self: some things I’d like to write about (list is incomplete, of course…)

  • How to think and talk to myself about being autistic, but on the very “high functioning” end of the spectrum, and having spent as well as still spending enormous amounts of energy every day trying to compensate for it, as well as constantly trying to evaluate and to develop even more compensation skills and strategies
  • Looking back at situations and phases and challenges in my life, realizing they were as hard for me as they were because I’m on the autism spectrum but didn’t know it (and the people around me didn’t, either)
  • Figuring out how my long undiagnosed autism relates to dysfunctional personal beliefs and depression
  • Aspects of living in a shared apartment as an autistic person who also experiences phases of depression
  • Aspects of being unhappy with my biography (especially because of certain so far missing achievements), and how to possibly think about this differently
  • How to personally deal with some everyday life experiences as an “Aspie”/person on the autism spectrum, dealing with misunderstandings and incomprehension of others and myself
  • Coming out or not, as queer and/or autistic
  • Translating others’ empowering insights, experiences, findings (possibly including things like positive psychology) into something I can apply in any kind of way to my own thoughts and life
  • Aesthetic experiences and what they can mean to me
  • Friendship and love
  • People I find inspiring
  • Developing my personal ways of wisdom
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