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Why Should Your Dealership Partner with ZEV?

ZEV helps dealerships and automakers sell more electric vehicles by providing their customers specific information and technical advice to understand EV range, charging, cost of ownership, and tax breaks.

Our software solution answers the most common questions and concerns for EV buyers — reducing the time spent on training and education of dealership sales staff and educating consumers on how they can save money by driving an electric car.

Our mission is to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles while delivering value to our dealer partners and to drivers.

State-level electric vehicle sales mandates are skyrocketing in 2018, forcing automakers and dealerships to sell greater volumes of electric cars than ever. As these requirements ramp up, consumers still have many questions about this brand new EV technology.

ZEV helps automakers and dealers providing the resources that consumers need to purchase an electric vehicle for the first time. Consumers are delaying purchases because of lingering questions about new EV technology. ZEV solves the problem through targeted consumer education and advice.

ZEV’s Software Application for potential EV consumers

Our goal is to help dealers help their customers purchase the right vehicle for their lifestyle.

Why now?

Zero Emission Vehicle sales mandates are changing. In 2018, dealers in some states will have to double or even triple electric vehicles sales to meet EV sales requirements, according to data from Global Automakers, the automobile industry trade association.

We help dealers meet these new regulations by improving the electric vehicle sales process. These regulations will continue to grow through 2025, requiring dealers to sell approximately 4 million electric vehicles. ZEV wants to help dealers meet these requirements and increase overall consumer EV adoption.

EV Sales Mandates in 10 States

Even if your dealer is in a state without an EV sales mandate, we can help you provide your customers great information and resources if they are considering an electric vehicle purchase.

The electric vehicle market is growing around the world. EVs will rise from 4% of vehicle sales in the United States in 2020 to 40% by 2030, according to Bloomberg. We believe electric vehicles are the future — and want to work with you to inform and motivate EV customers.

How ZEV Reduces Consumer Friction

ZEV makes it easy for consumers interested in electric vehicles to learn about the new technology. We provide the latest resources and information on EVs on our software platform. We then help customers understand the value of switching to an electric vehicle by showing how much money they can save with tax breaks, lower cost of daily driving, and less maintenance. Finally, we answer the most frequently asked questions about purchasing an electric car for the first time (range, charging, cost of ownership, etc.)

Right now, potential EV customers spend hours and hours researching EVs. ZEV simplifies that process by providing the resource on your website and on-the-lot with your salespeople, who can pull up the app on a smartphone or tablet.

Our software helps customers compare their ideal electric vehicle to comparable gas cars, see charging stations nearby, and understand the total cost of ownership. We also provide our consolidated resource and information database to customers, so they don’t have to spend precious time searching for answers.​

By showing the consumer information on cost of driving, maintenance, tax breaks, and more, we drive additional demand to our dealer partners.

As the founder and CEO, I am passionate about cars. I grew up in the heart of Los Angeles. Each year, my grandparents would drive across town to the Los Angeles Auto Show, where I would spend all day climbing into the latest models. The car purchasing decision is a big one for any family or customer, especially when purchasing a new technology for the first time.

Our goal is to help consumers adopt this amazing new technology at your dealership.

Building a Lasting Partnership

Most importantly, we want to build strong, long-lasting relationships with our dealer-partners. More and more consumers will have questions about switching to electric in 2018 and beyond. By partnering with us, we help your dealership and salespeople be more effective, thereby helping you build a great relationship with customers.

We think that’s win-win. Your dealership helps more, happy customers drive off the lot and ZEV completes its mission to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles.

ZEV helps dealerships and automakers sell more electric vehicles by providing their customers specific information and technical advice on electric vehicles.