Branding and Domains

How important is the securing of internet domains that are relevant to a businesses market to the branding and marketing efforts of a business. for instance, would a company like Valvoline and Pennzoil be smart to secure domains like (full disclosure — I do not own the domain nor do i know who does or have any interest in

Domains are at once an obvious branding importance and still a mystery to many. it is obvious that having a domain that matches your company name is key just as having a catchy one that people can easily remember and associate is great for a startup that wants to quickly get itself into a market. But what about established companies that have invested so much into branding themselves as owners of a certain space, like Red Bull the energy drink and extreme sports. We all drink Red Bull as a caffeine fix but when we think Red Bull we somehow think BMX, and road racing. A company like red Bull can in fact have hundreds of domains it manages as part of a successful branding strategy and few can argue that anyone has been doing it better than Red Bull.

More domains mean more opportunity for digital content and content is king as they say. Being able to own the digital landscape and set the agenda with content can really establish a brand’s relevance in that space. It is why so many businesses spend so much time and money to create the associations that they do, like Red Bull with extreme performance.

What a company needs to ask itself is where have we invested so much to the degree that if we do not own the digital address of the industries we want to be associated with we have potential significant digital branding exposure.

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